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  1. It helps to think of first drafts as discovery drafts - writing to discover what you are writing about. I'm currently rewriting the middle of my novel Drought, and possibly the ending. I'm changing the audience I'm writing for so the story is changing. Have you decided what your theme is? What you want your readers to feel as they read your story? What is changing with each draft? Is it your character arcs? plot? I have changed my story many times until I settled on what my character needed to experience to strengthen his faith and then act from faith, not duty. Have you d
  2. It was only a half-hour Zoom meeting and I am glad it was recorded. Goals have changed. She wants me to change how I think of my audience. I agree. My focus is working with adults now and my writing reflects it. She asked me not to do any more rewriting. She wants me to expand the section where Thaddaeus goes into the village toward the end of the middle and explore the feelings of the Villagers who have been asked to send away their talented children. Before Kheta spent time with the talented. She told me the deadline is now off the table, exvept for the December meeting in pers
  3. Editing for me is sleepless nights.
  4. The simplest way I think about scenes is "connection and change." -Does it deepen the characters and move the plot forward.
  5. I went to a Catholic College in the early 70's when comparative methology was popular. The approach I was taugh viewed the scriptures within the framework author's worldview. I learned information about the cultural context of scripture, and that viewing the information of how the holy spirit guided the faithful in ancient culture was a way to understand truths not dependent on the culture you lived in . These truths applied to your daily living. I agree with the Maddix & Estep quote, "The goal is that through reading and interpreting Scripture, we are being for
  6. Four years ago I wrote a 600 page book tightened down from 800 (took out a subplot) I was told to make it two books, then to write a prequel which I finished and was told it needed sequel. Next my mentor wanted books explaining the world's beginning. That morphed into two books. So I have an outline for a six books series. My mentor insists he doesn't care how long I take for the outlines and completing the first book as long as I can produce a book a year after the first one is published. That was a year ago. Now he wants Drought by December 2. I haven't gotten my g
  7. I have started a club for Finish your novel and it is free form right now. Just post the support you need.
  8. I am also writing a crossover novel, Drought and posting the first draft in crititiques. I am under a writing deadline (posting progress under Finish your novel} but willing to read your novel.
  9. My series of six books, which I consider one story, takes place over a hundred year period. So I have a progression of time, but need lots of connections to the past and future. Each two books is a generation. I am experimenting now in my outlines with Prophets ( the Old Testament type, not the " dystiny of the hero type) to connect story arcs and short family stories told to the younger children. Time jumps can be tricky, but add to the flow.
  10. Right now I have goals with deadlines, but many of my goals are open ended. Post your acomplishments here. Where do you plan on publishing online?
  11. Coffee in the morning. But mint tea in the afternoon.
  12. I asked for an extension for my editing. I am not ready. The chapters need polishing. I am having problems focusing and the stress has me frustrated with my errors typing and skipping words. My thoughts and my fingers just won't coordinate. I will only post two more chapters and rewrite the ten. My goal is to do discovery drafts for Zaliki-EL. I am praying for patience to finish the drafts and struggling with the message of my story.
  13. Do you want to post goals?

    What is your writing routine?

    Lets work together.

    1. Emily Waldorf

      Emily Waldorf

      I don't have a writing routine, and my goals are a little shaky, lol. Sure we can work together! Do you have anything specific in mind?

  14. Smirk is usually with distain. I my family we call it being snarky.
  15. Between the looting that closed stores (Jewel moved, the mall closed after several nurders, my bank closed after several robberies, the small start up our church fundered were burned down and are a parking lot) and covid-19 restrictions my neighborhood has changed. I live in a rectangle section of two flats and apartment buildings that has the hghest population density outside of Chicago, We have remained integrated and blue collar and united with churches that ban together to help with drug rehab, food pantry and grief counceling. Prayers are needed. We walk the perimiter onc
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