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  1. Maybe she was hoping more than four people would do it before she did that.
  2. Lol. Still don't know the answers. 9. True? 10. True. I think. Maybe.
  3. LOL. She's not the only one. Starting to wish I was a classical pianist instead of a one-year violinist.
  4. I believe it's short for A minor.
  5. Um, I have no clue about the answers to most of these... So, yeah. Also, the last two questions are very unfair. 1. Ummm, True?? 2. False 3. True?????? 4. True? 5. True?? 6. False? 7. False? (I thought it was D.S. al Fine at first, that would've been much easier) 8. False? (Don't know what one of those is) 9. False? (How should I know?) 10. False? (Still no clue)
  6. Congratulations! Sounds awesome!
  7. This is very interesting, @Accord64! Is it strange that I can't seem to classify any of the characters I write about into any one of those archetypes?
  8. Aaw! Thanks! Sorry, I forgot to reply to this before. This makes me hungry.
  9. I play some classical, and I usually play along with the hymns during church on Sunday. I play a lot of other things, a little fiddle music, and some other stuff, although I'm not sure what to call half of it.
  10. Awesome! What kind of music do you like to play? Classical? Fiddle? Hymns?
  11. The sweet kind. Wait, sweets is another word for candy, right?
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