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  1. Well done on my 3000 words Janet. I thought my proofreading was good. Oh dear! How wrong I was. I'm glad I used your service. I made so many errors.
  2. I am read The Country formally Known as Great Britain by Ian Jack, The British Guardian writer. I have reproduced a few paragraphs from the book were he describes the way young people use the past and speak of it in the present. I laugh every time I read it: ‘At a dinner during the London Book Fair I was speaking with a publisher from Buenos Aires about tenses, when suddenly he said; ’My daughter talks entirely in the present.’ I new exactly what he meant. I don't know how it sounds in Spanish, but in the English of my own daughter, aged eleven, it goes something like t
  3. I've read a few of them, I cant figure out why some were banned. What's the issue with Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck for example? Vulgarity and racism apparently: https://study.com/academy/lesson/is-of-mice-and-men-a-banned-book.html Apart from immoral reasons, I guess some are banned for political reasons. Seems we accept these things creaping in. 'The past was a different country', they did things 'differently.'
  4. Hi all, Are there any writers here who specialise in the personal essay genre? Also, can anyone recommend any contemporary Christian essayists??
  5. Fascinating! I have never heard of a Christian Western. All the best with your writing.
  6. I must let my wife see this when she comes home from work today. Many thanks for sharing.
  7. I am almost finished with The Way of Imagination by Scott Russell Sanders. Essays on nature and spirituality. He quotes a Japanese poet called Kobayashi Issa. He is a Buddhist, but wrote the following haiku: The world of dew in the world of dew and yet, and yet— The pause is doubt raised in the poet's mind. As a Buddist he believe all is nature, but when he lost his child, his allegiance was shifting to belief in God. Hence, the final line: 'the and yet, and yet—'
  8. Hi Chris, I'm just a few miles away (Ayrshire). Nice to meet you.
  9. Hello all, I live on the west coast of Scotland. I am currently doing an MA in Creative Writing. In doing so, I have comfortably slipped into Creative none fiction and the personal essay. I am Influenced by essayists such as Alan Jacobs and Scott Russell Sanders. I am interested in apologetics and write about it, albeit in a gentle, subtle way. My favourite Christian quote is from a 19th century British Jurist called William Blackstone “[God] has so intimately connected, so inseparably interwoven the laws of eternal justice with the happiness
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