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  1. This is incredibly good. Thank you for sharing that with us!
  2. No I don't think it makes Christians more squeamish about dark things or morally dubious things. There are quite a few Christian movies and books that are about dark things or hardships because we do see humans are not perfect and that is the central theme of our religion. Now I will agree that many Christian movies can drift into being very feel good or the characters sometimes can be potrayed as always perfect but I would say that every religious movie makes its characters come off like that. Yes the old testament is very full of people doing bad things as well as in the new testament.
  3. Wow that is a lot of sweets! They look awesome!
  4. Yep! I'm assuming you are also a teenager? All of them! you?
  5. I would say it's more there are Christians (and of course their not perfect but they try) and then there are those that say they are "Christian" but don't actually practice or really believe in it. If that makes sense?
  6. Paw!!!! It's so good to see you too it's been awhile!! I'm doing good thought it's about time I get over here so I'm happy! *looks at a hundred writing progects* it's a going I just don't know where. Can't wait to talk to you more!
  7. I probably should say a bit about myself.... Hi I'm Stormfast though most my friends call me Storm. I'm a Christian conservative girl. I write mostly fantasy (or at least I try XD) I'm here because some friends have suggested it to me. Looks like that is it. I look forward to meeting all you people!
  8. Panda!! You're here!
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