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  1. A writing sprint is where you close out all distraction and just write for a set amount of time. Doing it with other people will keep you accountable and help you reach your wordcount goal.
  2. So, random thought, but why don't we make a forum for writing sprints? We could posts when we're about to do a sprint, then others could join us and create accountability. To help the time-zone situation, we'd just cut off the hour and say, "Sprinting from :50-:00." Thoughts?
  3. First page. I set a lot up and answer those questions later.
  4. Aw, thanks, Nicola! ♥ This is an after-thought, but I figured I might as well give a sample, so here's the first page (first draft. Don't judge “Attention!” Father cried out over the crowds of people. Almost instantly, they silenced and turned toward him. He stood upon a pedestal, his diamond-covered robes shimmering under the afternoon sun. His crown outdid his entire outfit, the large golden piece sitting firmly over his chocolate brown hair. “I fear the kingdom of Sia has threatened a war on our lands!” My breath caught in my throat. Surely not! Sia and
  5. Hey, y'all! I have a project that I could use some help on, if anyone's interested! First off, note that this is NOT a finished book. I'm writing it chapter-by-chapter, so I'd release a new piece to betas once every 3-7 days. Here's a list of info on it: Title: (Unkown) Probably something along the lines of Tana and the Shadow Wars Genre: YA high fantasy (with very clean romance) Word Count: 40,000-50,000 Sensitive Topics: Magic (no witchcraft or anything, just basic magic) I also sprinkle in hint
  6. I know I've already made this clear, but ME! Also, I'm writing my fantasy project chapter-by-chapter too, so if you wanna critique each other's work, that would be awesome!
  7. I wrote this piece a few weeks ago, and I hope it encourages somebody. ... I know the hurt just as much as anyone, my friend. The pain life causes. The fear that floods each one of us to the point that the surface of the water feels so many miles away. You give up hope, letting yourself slowly drown in this horrible sea. You look around. The world all seems fine, going about their lives without even a hint of knowledge that you’re drowning. They can’t see you. You’re too far from the light. They can’t hear you. The water muffles your cries. You
  8. Thank you! *cough* You're one of the ones I know. You were the critique forum guy
  9. Yes! This community is perhaps too invested in memorizing everybody here. I know probably about one or two dozen people, but others here seem to know everyone! Like, goodness! Wow. I truly missed a lot, huh?
  10. Hey, y'all! I was actually a very active member of this community for about two years straight. But for over a year, I hadn't visited the site once. When I was here before, I was under my real name instead of my pen name, so no, you shouldn't rack your mind to try and recognize me (though, I will know many of you!). I'm super excited to get back into daily activity with this community! Oh! Random question, but when did the site get redesigned? I was baffled when I saw the whole thing had changed!
  11. Hey, y'all! So, one of my closest friends is struggling. She's being raised in a home that's extremely anti-Jesus. Her mother is a witch and her father is an athiest. Her grandparents were the ones who led her to Christ a couple years ago, but since then, she's been trapped. Her parents check her phone specifically for any Bible-related conversations. Any time she tries to sneak a Bible into her house, they take it and her mom burns it outside. And she can't use the Bible app because, well, they check her phone! My friend's only time she can actually study the Bible or
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