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  1. I don't know if Ice Bear would like it, but @ThePerilousPen would have no problem with the heavy themes and swearing
  2. How is she 24 and estranged from her husband?
  3. I assumed German extraction just meant her ancestors came from Germany
  4. @Joshua Benefiel is possibly making a reference to the large homeless population in San Francisco, Ice Bear
  5. Wow, this looks pretty good, don’t you think so? A-story Henry Bell Your main character is a man in his sixties, who can be quite daring. He comes from a poor background, lives in a caravan and tends to be a little clumsy. It's a story about greed. Your character investigates with the help of a good friend. B-story Lucinda Matthews A woman in her late twenties, who is very inspirational. The story begins in an art gallery. Someone is being bullied. Your character takes control of the situation. Opening scene: It's mi
  6. Okay, Ice Bear. I don’t mind it. You can call me Mr. Wesley if you want
  7. When did I become Mr. Wesley? You’re gonna make me feel old...
  8. Nah, I knew you did it legit. Just surprised it got solved so fast is all
  9. You know what? You’re right. I think it’s supposed to be a religious allegory.
  10. Ahem, I happen to LOVE Naruto. But you don’t have to like everything, Ice Bear.
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