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  1. Rene - We are trying to change our viewing habits. We don't watch much that has nudity but the bad language on many of the cop shows is really bad! I first started to think about it years ago when I stopped by my hubby's workplace and noticed that one of the other operators had taped a Bible verse to his monitor. From Psalm 101: I shall place no vile thing before my eyes. Or as another version has it, no wicked thing. I guessed he might have an online porn issue but ... as time went by, I realized that I was placing vile, wicked things before my eyes every night when we watched popular program
  2. I'm having a hard time sitting down and writing, even though I think about it constantly and yearn for the opportunity while stuck doing other things. Judging from comments seen on FB, I am not alone - is anyone here finding it difficult to just sit down and do it? Do you think it is COVID, or the uncertainty of the future due to the instability of our country right now (as well as the world) or just that life is now so busy busy busy for everyone?
  3. The movie is about movies and TV using obscenities and nudity, etc and often having an anti-God theme. It is free on Youtube. As to sweets, it would be far easier to name the one or two I don't like! This is one of the first sites I discovered when I began using the Internet many many moons ago. I met most of my bestest buddies here. Thanks for a warm welcome.
  4. Happy to find Christian Writers is still around! Looking forward to getting acquainted and reacquainted with folks. We watched the Power of the Air tonight, a low budget Christian film that I found too true and very moving. Has anyone seen it and liked it?
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