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  1. Hey, @Tommie Lyn, are those your books on your profile background? 😃 

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    2. Alley


      😄 Yeah, I have suspense in mine too, but there comes a point you have to stop adding subgenres. 😋 


      Personally, I have made it my mission to have a moral theme to each that teach about abuse and human trafficking. I want to help others understand and better help those going through it. While at the same time, give victims hope that there is hope, life, love, and peace on the other side of these things. 


      The one I'm currently working on deals with the fallout of battered wife syndrome and survives guilt. 

    3. Tommie Lyn

      Tommie Lyn

      Commendable. Writing what's on your heart is the best way to write a story and know that you've gotten a needed message across.

    4. Alley


      Thanks! 🙂 Now getting the words to magically be correct the first time... 🤔 I'll need to work on this one and see if I paten it. 😋

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