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  1. Hahaha too late for this book but will definitely take that into consideration in the future. Thanks for that disclaimer. Your reply is very insightful
  2. @ Cecilia Thanks for the disclaimer suggestion. I think that's what I'll be doing
  3. Can someone tell me how to reply directly to a message here? I can't figure it out lol
  4. @Alley an example is my main character is an only child (female) who is very close to her cousin (also female). The cousin has two other siblings: a girl and a boy. I know a family that has an only child (boy) and he's very close to his cousin (girl). The cousin has a sister and a brother! I was not thinking about them when I was writing my book and they are actually good characters. But what if they believe I was writing about them
  5. Ummm if he were a God, why is he DEAD??? There's only one God and He does not even sleep or slumber. He definitely will NEVER die. I pray they come to know YAHWEH
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