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  1. Hello! It's nice to meet you. " ... sliding away from FB ..." sounds lovely.
  2. Hello, Uriel and thank you for the book mention! I'm going to check it out.
  3. Hello, Patricia. It is very nice to meet you.
  4. She gave me her heart so long ago To keep it safe To help it grow But she was young And I was broken Her heart slipped through my hands I picked up many other things Kids and work and drink in between There were no dreams just responsibility Her heart slipped through my hands and twenty years a scarecrows life Wandering heartless chasing light Lost in the shadows and staying there Her heart slipped through my hands And now I see its form below the beats are
  5. This is very powerful. Each phase from surprise, despair, and uncertainty through hope and healing adds depth and expresses the experience well. I'm genuinely sorry you had to walk through this. I am grateful for where you ended up. Peace.
  6. I also like "Lost Daughter of the Sea." It's easy on the lips, and I think it prepares the reader for a story that is in the myth or fantasy genre.
  7. She had waited too long The dress that was white and flowing Was now stained and torn The hem ripped and stepped upon Dirty Her face once full of joy Was streaked with tears Her hair once smooth and without tangle Was now knotted and without form Her eyes once clear and full of promise Were downcast and empty Her gaze met only her feet Calloused and swollen Her heart once leapt at His thought Now beat in trepidation Her breath once eager to meet His Now caught in shallow hesitation It was her wedding day
  8. Absolutely beautiful. Stirred emotion and resolve. Wonderful.
  9. Hello @jonjovi, and thank you.
  10. I'm imagining yellow cake with that chocolate frosting. Yum! Thanks!
  11. Hi! You as well, Alley. Thank you!
  12. Thank you, Lynn. It's been a minute since I've interacted with an online forum. I'm looking forward to getting comfortable. Thank you, Paul. I understand the need for speed. My life-blow is marriage related also. Unfortunately, healing of the marriage is not going to occur. Instead, healing my heart and walking into another chapter of life.
  13. Greetings, Life has dealt me some significant blows lately. While leaning into the Cross, I was reminded that I once considered myself a writer, a poet, a storyteller. These are areas of my life that I have not nurtured and hope to rediscover with the community's help. I am grateful to be here.
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