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  1. I know where that section is thou
  2. Thank you All for the conversation. Sorry for not responding to all of you as I have to work. But I had to search for my answers. God is real and science is here to provide the evidence. It's how it was set up from the beginning. This was the message with Eve. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it transforms to other forms. E=mc2. This is the scientific version of the message Jesus sent about the crucifixion. There is another world where human life (energy) is transformed to. It doesn't end here. Happy Easter and stay blessed..
  3. Thank you All for the conversation. Sorry for not responding to all of you as I have to work. But I had to search for my answers. God is real and science is here to provide the evidence.
  4. About the same number of surgeons believe in God. The difference is practical versus theoretical applications.
  5. Hi..I read the blog but it's tapioca.. looking for meat... The subject of Eve is crucial to understanding why we are what we are.. but understanding her will have to come thru science.. the Bible told the story but science brings the hard evidence just as Eve planned from the beginning..
  6. Eve went after knowledge for a reason. My first book is only about Gen 1: 1 but the scientific evidence is overwhelming in support of a designed universe. I am hoping to find an agent soon and if not, it's Kindle most likely and will keep you updated as u sound like u been looking yrself. Thank you.
  7. Blessed are those who believe by faith but never enough for doubting Thomases like myself. We search and search! LoL
  8. Good morning from Cali William. The Bible as I discover, is much more scientific than previously thought. The Bible told stories for our past generations to understand and connect to God by faith while awaiting knowledge to advance to the level that enables generations to translate these stories in modern language based on advanced knowledge. We are at that stage now with lots of scientific evidence that explain these stories. For example, Darwin was not the first to suggest 'survival of the fittest' in evolution. The Bible told the story of crucifixion thousands of years earlier and it wa
  9. Its only because we are not doing our jobs. LoL. If God is real, they will come to know Him.
  10. Thank you for the comment. I am one doubting Thomas and I question everything including the truth about God. I had to search for my own answers as the 'by faith' was just never enough and explanations were most often did not make sense. For example, Eve's choice to go after knowledge had been classified as a 'sin'. But God never did call it that. I believe that what Eve did was important as it would be through knowledge that man would come to know God better. That is how it turned out. A lot of Christians think of science as evil, but I see it as a tool for evidence as this w
  11. Happy Sunday from California on this date of March 28, 2021. I just came across this platform last night and in process of getting my book series together explaining the Scientific nature of the Bible. So I have a few questions. Are there any authors here who believe that the Bible is a scientific document? I'd like a section here on this platform dedicated to this subject. And are there any literary agents anyone knows of with dedicated interest in this subject? It seems like there is a growing movement now from the scientific community siding with God
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