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  1. What the message said: "your project does not appear to be a fit for us at this time, and so we will have to pass." What I read: "Not only is your book lame, but you have a lot of nerve expecting anyone to like it. You should register your typing fingers as lethal weapons and have your manuscript hermetically sealed and dropped into the deepest part of the ocean. Then, destroy your computer and disassemble the desk on which you created this travesty." Actually, I think I handled this quite well.
  2. For me it's about the characters. If I care about what happens next to/with/for a character- whether I love or hate them- is what makes stories for me. Can't remember who said this, but I read a long time ago how people don't remember stories, they remember characters. I remember Atticus Finch, Don Corleone, George and Lenny, Tom Joad... and at the end of those books, I missed them.
  3. Everyone- THANK YOU so much for the thoughtful responses. I've found that reading things aloud makes a big difference. I do see how putting the work aside for a time makes a lot of sense, and that length of time probably varies from person to person. I've found that it took me a couple of weeks plus immersing into a new project to shake loose of the book calling me from the drawer. I think the trick for me will be to wait until it stops calling. I hear it right now, as a matter of fact, so I probably haven't waited long enough. Have a blessed day, everyone!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I've done 2nd and 3rd drafts, and left it alone for a a couple of weeks in between, immersing myself into an unrelated project- so I think I'm on track with the suggestions.
  5. Looking for guidance on proofreading & editing. I have a novel (~75k words) and I want to have it scrubbed by professional. So, I'd appreciate any advice on: - cost. what is reasonable for proofing? editing? - recommendations- any services you may have had success with - above all, how does the process work? Thanks. I've only been in this group a few days and already can see there is a friendly "spirit" here!
  6. Well, as the immortal Groucho once said, "I'd never want to join a club that would have a guy like me for a member"
  7. I went into this with no delusions about making money, and so far I'm on track for that. (Made enough so far to treat myself to a nice bottle of Brunello, but that's about it). Did indie stuff thru Smashwords & KDP. Made my stuff free whenever I could because my goal has been to have as many readers as possible. Now I have a new goal: I want to see a real (physical!) book with my name on it on a shelf in a book store (i.e., one that I didn't sneak in there myself).
  8. I do have Skype (on my mac) but haven't used it. I'll make sure it works.
  9. Hello. I'm new and have just spotted this. Still open?
  10. I have a five grown children and love them all very dearly. And I feel blessed by the fact that they want to be with me. When my kids come to visit me, they take each take a different route to get here. They all know and accept that each of them needs to take a different route, and they don’t judge each other's choice of how they get here. They each want to choose the best way they can find. And I certainly don’t care about how they get here; all I care about is that they want to come to me. And when they get here, all that matters is that we are
  11. Pete B


    Thanks so much for the response.
  12. Pete B


    Did some Historical F(r)iction and Christian Fiction. Oh, and some goofy humor stuff.
  13. Pete B


    PS--- forgot to ask... New to this. Anyone care to provide insight as to how you use this platform, what you get out of it, etc... thanks
  14. Pete B


    Hi, I'm Pete. Just connected here. Fishing around, trying to learn. Self-published a few things, but now I want to learn how the "traditional" publishing world works. Have a manuscript ready. Just going to look around here to see what I can learn.
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