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  1. Oh I'm sorry for laughing, but that is hilarious!! "Brownie started it!" that whole scene is playing in my head. So hilarous
  2. Ohh that's kinda cute. It's like creating a new family name/legacy with a combination of both husband and wife. I love that.
  3. Ok so let's say she is born Rodriguez-Suarrez, and she marries a Sanchez, she'll be Rodriguez-Suarrez de Sanchez? Am I understanding that correctly?
  4. That's really interesting. I think when there's no hard and fast biblical basis/answer for these things, culture and of course God's will ultimately kicks in for these decision
  5. Old as in swarming with old people, or old as in decrepit and needs to be condemned? Or just old as in boringgg?
  6. Y'all was wild!! Lolll man that's so crazy. But you sound like you have lots of interesting stories to tell your children
  7. Oooh, I've heard cat bites are really bad
  8. I like it here already
  9. Lollll. Yeah, that's something I personally have a problem with because it implies that the black person is American which, coming from the Caribbean, I'm not (at least not un the sense of United States of America). For that, most of us just prefer to just be called black. However, let's say I was from Barbados, but grew up with a Trinidad background. I might refer to myself as Bajan-Trini instead of just claiming one culture if I consider both a part of my identity. Then there's the problem if a person is mixed. Are they white, or are they black? That's often an identity crisis m
  10. That "first-world christian issue" really puts things in perspective huh? But I agree, definitely not something to divide the body of Christ over, although it can be important to the couple making the decision. Just a thought you know?
  11. Haha!! This sounds like a dangerous place then
  12. Ahh I gotcha. I guess it boils down to what a person feels is their identity. Those who have embraced more than one culture would probably feel more compelled to hyphenate. Same with some women, who I guess would not be willing to give up a part of her identity she lived her whole life before she got married.
  13. Yikes! Did it break skin? How'd you get bitten by a horse? That sounds like a story I want to hear
  14. Grey skies makes me think of sitting by the river reading poetry. So pretty
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