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  1. Ishda! I'm sorry Alley! How's the food/water supply?
  2. What does that have to do with Canon in D being one of your favorites? Am I missing something?
  3. Oops! I didn't read the directions. I used a keyboard! I knew the E one wasn't right, but I didn't even try to figure out the Am in my brain...sigh...
  4. True false False False (But I had to find a piano for em. :P) true, unfortunately. Idk. It could be true, they're both German. False IDk I hope so. I also hope so.
  5. Aw. This is sad! Realistic, though. I hope this isn't how you actually feel...praying for you, if it is!
  6. have you heard the idea/semi-serious joke that men's brains are like waffles and women's like spaghetti? Men compartmentalize things, and women have a whole ton of things they think about at once, sliding from one strand to the other. Hence, the trouble some men and women have with communicating properly. :DD I thought it was funny as well as descriptive.
  7. If I write realistic fiction, God is easy to include. If I write fantasy or fiction taking place in a world not our own, it becomes difficult, for me, as I neither wish to write our Lord into a world of my making and not his, nor write in a type, figure, form or other god.
  8. Up at the top of your post (next to "Create a New Topic") you should see "moderation options" (or operations, or something of that nature.) Click it, and it should have a "hide" option.
  9. this is a site I found listing poetry Magazines for publishing purposes. people tell me to check with them here before approaching any b/c of the multitude of scams, but I don't know how to do that. Here is the link. Do I need to be more specific? Guidance would be appreciated... Link Here.
  10. It's not controversial. We're just discussing nicely, like Christians should. :DDD I like the song, thanks for sharing.
  11. Ky, you're...hopeless. (for 1/8 a second, so did I)
  12. I don't know, actually. I have zero experience and no firm idea of what I want, I just feel like I should be getting my writing out there. Do you have any recommendations? I just finished a novelette and someone recommended pursing publishing. I'd prefer not to self publish, so I was looking for some way to get it out there. Does any of that answer your question?
  13. Jaques. Although, isn't that a french name?
  14. Does anyone know of a magazine or something (anything), that would publish short stories or novelettes/novellas?
  15. Wait, no! I didn't mean you were snippy! I meant I end up sounding like it online. Good. Glad it doesn't sound like arguing. I like you as a moderator, and I've honestly had enough head-butting with moderators from last writer's site. (only that was legitimate headbutting, lol).
  16. I guess the case could be made that it's actually illustrating the idea that no prayers are unanswered. Because the "unanswered prayers" are God's greatest gifts. It is the withholding the small teddy bear while hiding the bigger one behind the back. By the way, does this sound like arguing to you? B/c I don't want to be unpleasant, but sometimes my online voice gets...snippy, or something, and I don't like that...
  17. Just to be clear, I totally understand and agree with your point. I just happen not to have a problem with this song. Thanks for your remarks, though!
  18. Yeah, but from a human perspective it seems like it. For the sake of the song i don' think it's wrong. Do you?
  19. I love this song! Look up Ryan Kelly singing it. That's who I know it by.
  20. I finished writing my novelette tonight! I'm very happy with it. (Moderators, sorry if this is in the wrong thread...idk which to put it in...)
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