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  1. Does it count when as a kid the dog gives a nasty snap, then you get hopping mad, grab the mutt and all but Mike Tyson that thing's ear? And you start wailing at the top of your lungs, while the dog is yelping just as bad. And your mom comes outside demanding to know what's going on? Between sobs and wails you report, "Brownie started it!"
  2. Hello, Priscilla (funny, that's my wife's name), I hope you proceed with your Bible-based fiction stories. If I'm not overstepping my bounds, may I suggest doing some, perhaps reliable Internet sources of research on the characters and/or their times, the social, economical, political, and religious climate? It might give both inspiration and a fair bit of authenticity to your stories. Key word is reliable sources. Also, it may help to read between the lines as the Bible says a lot more than just the words we read. For example, Peter didn't learn very well from his denying Jesus thrice. Paul p
  3. Headaches, eye strain due to blue screen's blue light they say. I believe it based on my experience.
  4. With Christian writers, I think we're all subject to herd mentality. The words clean appear in submission guidelines, so authors are leery of real worlding their characters. Personally, I prefer clean books and visual media. I'm just sick of seeing lewdness so much, we even have literature and visual media portraying kids, and I do mean KIDS behaving the same way. I think it's disgusting, but that's my unapologetic opinion. That being said: BLARING KLAXON and a desperate voice on the PA system - Honest Alert!!! Honest Alert!!!! In two of my Christian fiction novelettes, Journ
  5. Personally, I think until we Christians practice what the GUY we claim to follow preaches, we'll just add to the spite and misery of the world. A good part of Muslin and other hatreds of various kinds by various people, is due to a gross failure to practice true Christianity. Christian have historically used or rather twisted Jesus' teachings into excuses to vilify, demonize, exploit, oppress, and suppress other cultures. What happens in the adage that's all too true--familiairity breeds contempt. Also, to remember before pointing the finger at others, three fingers on that hand point to ourse
  6. I sympathize, Paul. Happy reading nonetheless.
  7. I prefer hard copies. Starting a few years ago, my eyes had trouble seeing the print, to my great dismay. At the time, I wanted to explore ad read through the New Oxford Annotated Bible and Apocrypha. I ordered the book and found it difficult and tiring to read. Since I already had Kindle for PC, I got the Kindle copy and could read it as text was adjustable. I'd rather read the hard copy, but sadly, it is what it is for me.
  8. Who among you fine folks read non-Kindle ebooks? Primarily, I mean who prefers or ventures into the reading realm of epub books? I'm a Kindle-kid myself but now and then, I venture over to Digital Editions (epub). I have yet to decide which of the two I prefer to make my main reading app. Perhaps you can share your experience and opinions on that matter.
  9. Sure thing, Zee. B&N, Goodreads is fine. I believe Smashwords is far more lenient than Amazon about reviews as well. OK, select which story you'd like me to gift you, and what format you prefer (Kindle or epub) and I'll do it. Title selections are: Journey To Golgotha (starting at childhood about the two men who ended up being crucified with Jesus), Judas Iscariot: Blinded By The Light (a tale about Judas and what motivated him), The Jesus You Don't Know (not fiction, but a unique take on explaining Jesus to agnostics), and The Legend of the Bogeyman (an unorthodox tale about Satan and h
  10. Toddlers are cute, but they don't know a lot. But they're doggone cute, that's for sure. The language is signed, not spoken. So, we culturally Deaf people call it signing. We have two main signs that convey this concept and cultural attitude. To avoid further redirecting this thread, but hopefully to expand any interested parties' knowledge, I'll conclude the matter by suggesting two links to get you started on further awareness. There's much more, but these should give a major boost. 1. Deaf and deaf 2. American Sign Language (ASL)
  11. Robin, just enter Alien Name Generator into any search engine. You will see a list of online generators and such. There's lots of them or used to be.
  12. Here is just one of many such sites that might prove helpful: https://www.scifiideas.com/alien-name-generator/
  13. Use your dreams, writers should embrace all the inspiration they can. Besides, you never know when writer's block will sneak up behind you, put its hands over your eyes and say, "Guess who?" You might be in position to say, "I don't know. But I had a dream." Then find yourself writing once again, maybe not the same story, but you're writing. It's my understanding some of the finest tales written and even some inventions resulted from dreams.
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