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  1. So is mine! I’m only half way done with writing it. If you’re still interested let me know!
  2. If you are a science fiction writer and need a betta, I'd love to help in exchange for assistance myself. I'm in the process of writing a novel, and since I don't plan my books, sometimes my plots can get a bit warped. Plus, editing is a struggle for me. That being said, characters and suspense are my strong holds. I know what to say to make readers feel what I want them to feel. I also get bored super easily with books, so I can help identify slow spots. Here are a few other details... My writing is 100% clean. I have close to no tolerance for
  3. Wow, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine. I’m glad you completed and published the book though. It’s a good way to make a lasting memory of her. I’ll be praying for peace with you!
  4. Me and my bestie took turns writing chapters in different character povs. Me the psycho villain and her the cinnamonroll hero. We started it just for fun and... now she wants to turn it into a novella and publish. Which I’m not against, I just have no idea how to coordinate with someone else while writing and editing. It was easy before because if we messed up or contradicted one another, it didnt matter because we were just playing. Now we’re tweaking the plot and... I’m completely lost. Any advice from someone who’s co-authored before? I guess we should have done our research beforehand.
  5. I’ll be praying. So sad...
  6. ....and this is why I’m self publishing... this is pretty much how I’d read a rejection letter. Glad I’m not the only one who reads between the lines way too much. pretty funnyyyy.
  7. Awesome! *catches confetti and throws it again*
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