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  1. The Paschal Homily of Saint John Chrysostom Christ is Risen! Indeed He is RIsen! Is there anyone here who is a devout lover of God? Let them enjoy this beautiful bright festival. Is there anyone who is a grateful servant? Let them rejoice and enter into the joy of their Lord! Are there any now weary with fasting? Let them now receive their wages! If they have toiled from the first hour, let them receive their due reward; If any have come after the third hour, let him with gratitude join in the Feast! And he that arrived after the sixth hour, let him not doubt; for he
  2. Sure, but it's more fictional than an alien world. It's not like this planet is somewhere in the Milky Way, or something. But, I'm glad you're intrigued!
  3. Ah, no. As the title says, this battle took place in 1683, and I looked up that Winkelreid lived during he 1300's, I think. The commanders in this battle were, (On the Turkish side) Kara Mustafa, and, (On the Austrian and Polish side) King Leopold VI and Jan Sobieski. And yes, I had to look some of that up.
  4. Oh yes, I love history! Ever heard about the battle of Vienna?
  5. Yeah, I've been doing that. Thanks! Just wondered what people thought about it.
  6. I have just recently joined this club, and I would love to share a poem with ya'll. Kinda long, so be prepared. 1683 Gregory Woods Smoke rose to the skies, Approaching the strong gates, Heathens full of lies, And with their deeds they hate. The smoke passed the hills, And beyond the forest, The smoke, ready to kill, Heathens siege the fortress. Soldiers stand alone, On the shining stone walls, Having the fact known, That Vienna shall fall. The cannons struck the walls, And fallen
  7. Welll...My first motivation was because my sister wrote a book about aliens too. Completely different looks, completely different plot. I decided that it would be interesting to have the main character be an alien for once as well. And yes, they would be ordinary humans.
  8. I do have a friend who is decent at drawing, but it as very, very tempting to simply do humans.
  9. Right. I need advise. For all you who haven't read some of my story yet, it basically involves the furry three eyed creatures as the main characters. However, I have a hard time imagining this, and I always get something like a wookie with three eyes. My close readers think pretty much the same thing. So I've been wondering...should I switch to normal, good old humans? It would be a lot simpler, And I would have a much clearer picture of my main character. Also, I have pretty much no description what so ever of my alien race besides the three eyes and the fur. That can put a lot of strange ima
  10. @suspensewriter I would define it as fictitious characters following a Christian Life. Simple as that. The reason why Christianity doesn't work in fictional worlds is because Christ came down to save us, and no other world. No other race. Just us.
  11. I think Christian Fiction just doesn't work. Christian fiction, mind you. Christian principles set in a completely different world. There was one cartoon I watched about a year ago about a Russian Orthodox girl in Communist Russia during WWII. It was fiction, but it was in the real world. Christian novels only work in the real world. Another thing is how the Christian fiction books written by women are well written. Maybe a lot of the male authors saw these Christian books, hated them, and decided that he was not interested in writing in that genre. However, what you s
  12. I read a two books that kept me up till midnight. One was With Fire and Sword, if any of you are familiar with that book. The other was Watership Down. Both books had increased violence in it. But the story lines...Ah, they were so good.
  13. I agree. That is, I agree that we should all embrace death to meet Christ at our judgment. I'm not saying death isn't painful, but being reminded about what will come afterward will certainly ease the pain, at least a little.
  14. Hit it spot on. Death is not something which is foreign to Christians, and not something from which we should hide. In fact, we should embrace it, because death is the only way to heaven. Imagine if we were all immortals, but we lived on this puny earth for all our lives. That wouldn't be any fun.
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