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  1. Having 3 different fonts isn’t professional. The middle 3 lines follow the genre of children’s picture books. The top 2 and bottom 2 follow more of a 1990’s mystery show or book. Even changing the author name font seems bad. I don’t mean to be rude or critical. All I want is to be a help. The original font was perfect, it just needed to all be centered without the word “an” being alone. Just a quick note, the original cover #2 has the author name off center as well. You want to have the text Justified or left faced but not off set.
  2. I have a YouTube channel but it’s a video podcast. I have a podcast which is a weekly devotional “Dive Into Scripture” yes, in my outtro I invite people to check out my website, books, blog and so on. I post every Monday. This coming week will be episode 5.
  3. Amen. I miss being married. Mine left me for someone else.
  4. Other than sharing on social media and telling family and people at church, no.
  5. I just pay a professional cover designer for all mine. She’s working on one cover wrap right now for me. I use stoneridgebooks.com
  6. I’m guessing your bookkeeper is your wife? Otherwise it would be inappropriate to speak of sleeping with and sinful to do so.
  7. If the Lord gave you the first idea, don’t scrap it, just move on and work on both or the second and come back to the first later. I personally have 5 wips (work in progress) right now.
  8. I have an ad in the Revival Fires Christian newspaper that some churches subscribe to and give to their members for free. I am not sure if that’s working though as I haven’t had many sales.
  9. The second one is best but center the text. Making the title a little smaller also will make it more professional looking. I know that we can’t all afford professional cover designers, but a good piece of advice I was given once was look at the books on your book shelf of the same genre and use them as guides.
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