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    Lost in my stories or music.... Or outside. :)
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    Child of God. Highschool student. Singer/Songwriter. Writer. Artist. Runner. Animal Wrangler (my own). Dreamer of horses. Avid Reader. Nature Explorer.

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  1. Welcome! I'm a teen as well! Although I'm a year older than you.
  2. Lol. I am responsible. But there is half of me that is like. YEAH LET"S GET IN TROUBLE!
  3. @Ky_GirlatHeart Yes I am lol. That's funny XD
  4. I'll just drive and get us all that chocolate... Since I can. . Yes, I'm a teen too. That's why I'm so crazy. Lol.
  5. Haha. Yes. True. 😂😂



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    2. Pen_Grace



    3. Just_Me_


      What...?  *pretends not to notice the piles of books surrounding me* jk

    4. ThePerilousPen


      ikr my floor is covered in books lol

  6. Wait. You mean you didn't want me to buy applesauce and toys on your computer.... *knock on door* Oh well...
  7. *sips root beer and bows* Yes! Thank you. Wait who invited all these snakes in here?
  8. And we leave you with that for another show of.... People in the Wild! (AKA people doing stupid things.) Thank for watching.
  9. Snake: * continues to bite* Get this!!!! *lady grins* He's so cute. Like a puppy!! Dude: uhhhh. You are like swelling... *wide eyes*
  10. Snake: *opens mouth* *lady moves to position and dude starts filming again* Say cheese!!!
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