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  1. Hello i was Looking for a moment to feel the page come off and talk back in a way that I could feel better to write a longer story of not to loose of writing feeling but obtaining a story that the paragraphs just kinda slid by. I hope some can give me detail about how thier stories can tell what thier doing in a fashion since of paragraphing and rephrasing seem's to be less of the whole situation in the entirety. Just The Story I Wanted is Just a flight off the page combination of sentences of verbs and i guess adjective's i think they describe The main focus of what i was trying to get the ob
  2. I Kinda was Hoping To find a way to mingle in a story. I want to develop a Semi Neutral Beginning". With the care to be brought over to mostly 1 char side vaying meek contemplation. The Story doesn't feel like it has a twist. Something where belonging to neutral life styles but like alot of detail about like clubs. Where as the person seeing the venture is meek and mild about his life story. The relay is not daunting Just a side story where the person seems to have thing's going but pleasing like wearing a leather jacket. Just a temperment i guess of the life styles with no real dram
  3. i'm smoking rollmeo's in hope's of quiting.im down from 2 packs to maybe 1 pack.the rolled cigurates are like lights been having some good days like only smoking 8 and some bad days smoking like 30.New to myself is gaining appreation of weather or not i can quit and being able to subside from like what feel's like a day's work hopefully I can get my act together. lot's of love hope you all are having a wonderful time my tr group seems to be keeping me ocupied on the nationality part.besides the way out aspect there isn't much to having a great time with smoking just don't care enough during th
  4. i feel like a little prayer here and there is good for me. i think the motivation to quit is getting a bit loose. the motivation in my mind isn't quite as ediquite as i thought it might be intended in such verity of soothing and feeling just. the care taker part of the hysteria of smoking and not feeling you're limbs seem's to draw back and snap a bit too often. the noticeable reaction change of just putting one down is overwhelming and feels too hefty for me. the better off than never approach diddn't turn out quite as anticipated as for the not smoking in general te
  5. I Like jk rowling a bit nothing a bit hasty on the story side usally I like spaceships scifi.
  6. I write I think is Novels like long worded emphasis of using time and I think a bit Technology Mixed with general Internet Display of What I Think The Stock's might Be like If runescape is Down it's china's fault almost like a infomercial Of Detail that attitude's Toward Buying and Selling stock to a Certain extent making shure that whatever feel's like acorn's falling from a tree is like a national buyout system like from the game's I play like runescape being almost like a bot that frog's along telling People how thier day is without demining thier good's giving them a Self Respect Towards
  7. I like Blizzard games. I also like writing.
  8. I Someday Hope That i Get Out More. I Hope that I can get more into the Things that make out the day in beauty. Hopefully Can Get the way I Use to type under Control in Hope's of having a good way of liking the self sought after dream which writing can give. Winter is almost always cold we need to have warmer winters. The natural way's just isn't telling of a story much anymore anyone play or have banter to pass along in time's of Need. Jesus died for sin
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