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  1. I guess we have to get into a definition of partisan. Your can be pro life or pro choice and not have party affiliation. For me being partisan is when political party affiliation is primary and morality is secondary. Im against a 15$ national minimum wage, because to the best of my ability I have determined it is foolish, some would call me partisan, I would say I get there through reason and ethics, it just happens to align with Republicans.
  2. Let’s take abortion. Listen to both points of view. Listen to women that have had abortions. Learn exactly what the laws are. Considering the consequences of any changes in the law. Pray and read scripture and then advocate for the truth. In the context of writing. Doing those things will give your writing much more depth.
  3. Thanks KY. I have started doing that.
  4. Taking the time to develop a strong understanding of how complex the issues are and bringing that into writing will make any writing more compelling. Any kind of blatant partisanship will not.
  5. For most writing one of the skills is to make statements without being obvious. Anyone can make a political statement. Weaving it into the story in a subtle manner shows your skill.
  6. I don't have a link yet, let me see if I can set that uo Play's Title: Angelina Grimke: A Life of Faith and Justice.
  7. I have it on Google docs. there is only one character and she tells the audience her story
  8. Hi William I have written a solo play and I am looking for any feedback. Let me know if that works Ted
  9. Ted K.

    Ted K.

    Hello, New here, I'm a Boston tour guide. I have just completed a solo play and I hope to write a few solo plays focused on Christian activist. I'm a member of a Presbyterian Church. Always want to hear about movies, books and plays that focus on the struggles of Christians. Ted
  10. what makes Boston unique in mid 19C is the arrival of the Irish, the radical abolitionists and the dominance of the Unitarians. Of course, part of that are the fierce battles between abolitionist and Irish immigrants. The authors of Concord, Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott also had places on Beacon Hill. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Hello, I have written a solo play with a strong Christian character. Does anyone know of anyone who can critique it? Ted
  12. Hello I'm new and just saw the post, I have expertise in 19C Boston, let me know if I can help Ted
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