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  1. What have you got and where can I see it. As for mine, I could send an email attachment of if you trust me with your physical address, I could get Amazon to send you a hard copy.
  2. I'm willing, I also need readers for a completed book, See it on Amazon titled "The Harmony of the Nativites: A Love Story" I can send out print or Kindle versions if I get your info. I enjoy Science Fiction and think it can be entirely compatible with a Christian world view. Contact me if you'd like to swap reads.
  3. It's rather large at 400 pages. I'd have to send you a google drive link or an email attachment. You can preview it on Amazon, the title is "The Harmony of the Nativities: A Love Story" Or, If you trust me with your snail mail address, I can make a copy appear at your door.
  4. I am Dobbin Burkhart. I don't have any content to look at, I only saw only a single chapter titled "Shellfish Shoals" How can I see next? When I selected the next item it presented a piece of poetry.
  5. I am very willing to look at your book. Unfortunately the link in the last message didn't give me access to it. I went to fanstory.com, signed up and browsed every title I could looking for "A Gatored Community" cute title BTW, then I searched for William D'Andrea in the author list. Nothing worked though. Let's try another way.
  6. Amazon never disappoints. My email address is dobsley@gmail.com We can correspond via email or, I guess right here on the Christianwriters.com private message section. It's your choice. Would you like an electronic version like the MSWord .docx file or the Kindle version also? I don't presume to ask for a detailed critique Thank you for giving my book the time of day. I just hope that you thoroughly enjoy the read. Have I gushed with extreme gratitude yet? Regards, Dobbin Burkhart
  7. I'm willing. I am in the same situation with my manuscript. Send yours and I'll give it my best.
  8. The work is a comprehensive and biblically faithful retelling of the Nativity account. There is so much that is factual that it can barely be considered fiction. There are many previously hidden but uncovered subtexts in the narrative that have likely never appeared in print before so it will be eye opening. I need help identifying any parts of the book that drag or don't ring true. If you would like a reciprocal read, I'm willing.
  9. Hey, I would be willing to collaborate and critique some content like you are describing. In the SF category, I have tended to prefer technically feasible/near future stuff more than dragons or magic so I guess that will determine whether my input would be helpful. I also have a couple of traditional value storylines that I will probably die before writing that I would happily pass along if they fit in the Universe you are creating.
  10. No...thankyou! Yes, Dobbin is a nickname for Robert. I'm not all that knowledgeable. I just hated that all the other fictionalized treatments I had seen of the Nativity account always fell far short of Biblical accuracy. I resolved to write something accurate and that effort took on a life of its own. I guess I'm really knowledgeable now about the nativity but not much else. Of all the people who said they read the book, there were only a few that gave me their two cents afterward. I'm beginning to be afraid that folks are all adhering to the policy: "If you can't say a
  11. I have the mostly finished title "The Harmony of the Nativities: A Love Story" already up on Amazon in print and Kindle forms. It's going nowhere there and wondered if an agent was the way to go.
  12. I have a mostly completed book that is already up on Amazon, both in print and Kindle form. I have it priced as low as Amazon will allow as part of my effort to get it into the hands of people who will read it and tell me what they think. I can make it magically appear at anyone's doorstep and have done so around 50 times. The title is "The Harmony of the Nativities: A Love Story" you can check it out and even read a sample there to see if you're interested. It is yet another fictionalized retelling of the Nativity account. There are dozens of similar titles on Amazon but I as
  13. I was a newbie writer with a book that had to be written My editor educated me about what head hopping was. She hated it and ruthlessly changed my fiction to try to keep each point of view in place as long as possible. Some of my favorite bits were cut as i went along with her recommendations. Then i read from one author that head hopping was more tolerable with certain genres like romance novels and that most romance readers don't notice or even care. I thought my heavy emphasis on the subjective and emotional content made my work similar to a romance novel. Then it occurred to me, "Isn
  14. Recently, the rare planetary conjunction brought on a lot of articles claiming that the Star of Bethlehem was such an event. There are at least a dozen books on Amazon pitching slightly different versions of the same story and delving into the subtleties of Persian astrology. Is it resonable that each of these books get to call themselves non- fiction when none of them agrees with what is described in the Bible and they all go counter to God's condemnation of divination? At the same time a fictionalized portrayal of the magi and likely events that were almost certainly miraculous a
  15. How terribly strange to be seventy... Hi, My name's Dobbin. I'm a husband, father, and child of the Living God. Also a retired broadcast engineer and a fledgling author. I'm still learning the ropes on this site. It seems like a nice place though
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