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  1. Ellie


    Hello everyone , Nice to meet you all. I’m a Christian professional in NYC and starting to write again under my nickname Ellie. It’s been one of my goals to actually write some short stories and I’m making a determined effort in 2021 to meet that goal. Have a great day everyone !
  2. Here's a little flight of imagination from when I was studying about Mark 15 last week. Why Pilate? Why now? Pilate, hearing the roar and ever increasing shouting of the crowd, stepped back and closed the door gently to his room. He stared at the door, his stomach sinking fast. He could hear the chanting of the priests and the people. “Crucify him!” He replayed in his mind a message his wife Procula had sent to him via a messenger only hours ago. “Whatever you do, do not crucify that man!” He put his hands over his ears and tried to make the pounding in his head
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