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  1. I don't know for a fact but I've heard from a friend that cussing has ties to primal instincts, like a yep or call of danger. Generally short one syllable words that are easy to say. So to create a more authentic people a few cusses would be appropriate (appropriate for the culture/people but not to say) but its all down to where you draw your line.
  2. True. God judges the heart so if you didn't intend to use his name in vain but then saying that becomes seen as doing so, what then?
  3. I find that as a worldbuilder I need truths at the core of the world. My truths are based heavily off the Bible and from that I can build my world, it allows me to make different religions that a merely flawed versions of my truths or based out of the peoples need or searching for those truths. I can make powerful beings that my be viewed as gods but aren't and are just manipulating people. I often touch base with God on a lot of what I do, because I want to make a world as diverse as our own but only the way God wants it. And I often pray for him to work through my writing so that it hon
  4. Yes I do. They and PenGrace invited me over here.
  5. In writing we can explore a bunch of topics but as a Christian how far do you go, do you keep close to home or do you explore everything under the sun?
  6. I write fantasy because it gives me the opportunity to exospore different worldviews and ideas in a safe and controlled environment that lacks the restrictions of the real world. Like a snug place to hide or your favorite blanket. And plus I can have dragons and talking swords.
  7. Hello I've just joined. You can call me MBT, I am a sometimes writer who wants more time to write but is to busy. I write fantasy normally, sometimes romance-ish (still trying to get my head around doing to affectively). I like history, medieval times are so cool. Dragon's are amazing, so are swords and ancient warfare/politics. That's a bit of me.
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