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  1. "...Kevin leaned over to Redtail. “Can I come to that wild edibles thing in July, too?” Redtail said, “Why sure you can! Bring Mike and Jerry, too.” “THUMP! TH-Thump, BUMP BUMP…!” went the stairway. Amy spoke softly but firmly at the 4 girls who emerged giggling from the stairs, “WHAT was THAT!? Your dad weighs as much as all four of you put together and doesn’t even make a quarter of the noise you do in the halls and stairs! Walk softly.” The girls looked caught, but not really remorseful. It wasn’t the first time adults got after them fo
  2. A small child on a stairs could easily sound like a thundering herd of cattle. Now I'm wondering how I described a couple kids coming down a stairs into the church's fellowship hall.
  3. Tim Hawkins! This isn't the act I was thinking about, but it might get ya started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12ZIs8KaI5w
  4. ...then I ponder names. I'm Paul. I'm not Paulo if I go to Spain, or Raul or Saul if I go somewhere else. I sometimes wonder if God rolls His eyes at us. Is He Jehovah or Yahweh or Yah or YHWH or LORD or Jesus or Jeshua... And is the tetragrammaton different in Hebrew versus English alphabets? We're so often paralleled with children. I answered to many names from my kids and grandkids, co-workers and more. God is so far above us and knows our thoughts before we even think 'em. I really don't know where I was going with this.
  5. Correct labeling is important. In wild edibles, it can mean the difference between life and death (Wild Carrot and Poison Hemlock can be easily confused). That said, back in The Olden Days when I reviewed Christian music, I had lots of artists who said they didn't want their work categorized as "Christian" in order to reach a wider audience. I countered by suggesting I preferred the labels since I didn't want to wade through the sewage to find clean music. Granted, not everything labeled "Christian" truly is. I liked what (Argh, his name escapes me) a Christian comedian said as he was ask
  6. Were is your verb in the sentence. Both where and there are place words and not verbs. Throw in a pronoun and the sentence still makes no sense. You were right in the first place. (I was gonna write "Ewe where write in the first place," but Aye showed such self-control by not dewing sew. :) )
  7. Kids' book with multiple endings? Save your detours for possible spin-offs. And this comes from a guy who's not published anything except what I've posted on my blog, and is still working on his first story. Know that my free advice is well worth every cent!
  8. Here's where it starts, if you dare A work in progress, but progress is posted. Somewhat clunky in spots, and I'm open to suggestions. http://ognyen.blogspot.com/2017/08/rt-mac-story-through-chapter-5.html
  9. The "other" I picked for 'what I like to write' is mostly because I don't know how to label it. Geared toward younger readers, but a fiction-based intro to wild edibles and survival. --Sorta Hatchet-like, but older main characters and lots lighter/more-civilized setting. I don't like drama, and I'm really just learning fiction-writing.
  10. I'm up to around 90,000 words and have a couple scenes I want to connect to the main story. Protagonist needs break from school and election-year politics and takes a trip. On the way, she has a breakdown and loses her memory and finds herself living off the land and the hospitality of people she meets around her new 'home'. Really an intro to wild edibles. Good or not, I'm having fun writing it and considering lots of spin-off ideas.
  11. The not-having-used-it part is the bad stewardship. My Missouri Master Naturalist chapter has been using Zoom for its meetings, as has my church until it recently re-opened to in-person worship. I just wondered about using it to brainstorm. Maybe even for story plots/direction too Hmm, Maybe hold a meeting to show just how easy it is?
  12. We got a Zoom account a while back, but haven't used it. Guessing that's not good stewardship. My wife used it yesterday to help a family member with a computer problem, and it reminded me I really ought to use it --at least some. That said, is anyone game to help me set up a wild edibles program for a ministry group? I'd been asked, by the organizer of an annual event at which I present, if she could pass my contact-info to a women's ministry leader at a church in a neighboring town. Of course, I like sharing wild edibles, so I said 'yes'. Nothing's been scheduled yet, but i
  13. ...and is what I've called an introduction really a prologue? http://ognyen.blogspot.com/2017/08/rt-mac-story-through-chapter-5.html
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