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  1. I have heard about a lot of those authors so I might look at those thank u so much
  2. Well I have 4 dogs they are super funny to if you get them to hipped but it is really easy to clean out so no they are not that serious
  3. Alright so thanks y'all but I have enough names
  4. Hey ya'll I was wondering if you guys had any strange names for a story about aliens
  5. Hey y'all I am interested in poetry and was wondering if you have heard of any good author's? thanks Robin Hood Out
  6. I love fire granted I have almost burned the soul of of my shoes but pretty
  7. Nice I am too I not so persony person though :(
  8. @Paul but not THEAre u a country person kind of
  9. @Just_Me_I love Pirates of the Caribbean
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