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  1. Anyone interested in getting your blog ghostwritten? I will do it for free and you leave a review on my website on my blogging. I'm using my reviews to jumpstart my freelancing carrer. I need your help to do it. https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=ChIJhyMuU4ix5YgRTJeKFKYmqWs
  2. I'm a Christian writer who is in desperate need of a job. I started a Christian blog about two months ago and have been posting daily content ever since. I've made over 50 blog posts and have gotten great feedback from my local church. I would love to help proofread your blog because I know the power blogs can have. I have seen so many people get encouraged after going through a rough day. I started my blog because I dealt with a lot of discouragement in my own life late last year, with my family being upset with me for not making money as a Christian author and trying to do it as a full-time
  3. I have a devotional title, Peace Beyond Understanding. I would love for you to review it. Peace Beyond Understanding
  4. Hello, my name is Mario Walker. I'm 24 years old and I been a Christian blogger for over a month now. I initially started blogging as a way to be a copywriter (sales-writer) but the more I post the more I began obsessing over encouraging other Christians. Last Thanksgiving is where I felt at my lowest when I got scolded by my Godmother about money. I was so depressed that day I didn't feel like eating. Every since then I just been getting closer to Jesus while job-searching. Working from home seems to be the best option for me since I don't have a car, live in a dangerous neighborhood, and mos
  5. As you guys can see I have a photo of my self now.
  6. I started blogging a few weeks ago on blogger. I originally started to get into sales-writing or copywriting but as I began writing some more I got more interested in content writing. I started to write about my personal rock bottom I went through this past Thanksgiving. In 2020, my goal was to be a full-time poet but things didn't go so well with trying to promote my book. On Thanksgiving Day my Godmother came and visit and got scolded for a whole hour about my fiances. I was so depressed that day I didn't feel like eating. I was using my mom life-insurance check to find my poetry career but
  7. Hello, my name is Mario Walker. I'm a Christian Blogger and I also write poetry. I really want to make a living as a blogger. My blog is all about encouraging Christians in their walk with Christ. Here's the link to my blog https://mariowalker904.blogspot.com/
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