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  1. Myles, did you talk to a publisher? Christian Writers is a good forum. To connect with some more writers, there is The Book Hatchery on Mighty Networks, https://the-book-hatchery.mn.co/ . The Book Hatchery is run by Colleen MacCubbin at Siretona Creative, a boutique publisher in Canada. 

  2. My current book is the one I want to adapt. It’s Southern fiction with Christian themes and a dash of Southern Gothic. The title is Uly Quits His Job. It’s about a blue collar laborer who walks off his job while he is with a crew traveling for work. He has no way home and no money and goes on a multi-day odyssey to get back home. It’s set pre-covid in Georgia in contemporary times. I wrote it from the beginning with the idea of adapting it to stage and screen. You can get news about my work at my web page https://booksbytravis.com . I don’t blog, so it’s not regular blog posts just
  3. I agree with you. With the caveat that “the industry” does include a strong indie movement. My current book — not yet released — is one that I’m going to talk to indie producers about making into a movie. It might be a very small release, but that’s okay. I’ll figure out funding as the opportunity presents itself.
  4. I’m thinking along these lines for my book. Hollywood is not the center of the movie universe. I live in Georgia where both big films and indie filmmaking is huge. You don’t have to have a major production company or distributor to make a movie. Do you have a publisher you work with? Ask them to reach out to their circles. You may want to contact Autumn Bailey-Ford here http://www.abentertainment05.com. She’s an acquaintance that I haven’t been in touch with in four years or so, but I do know that she has worked on Christian themed productions in the past. You can also look at Chri
  5. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi. Most big theatrical release movies, TV shows and made for streaming movies are warmed up leftovers. I love the idea of Dune being done right, if it was done right. However, this will be Dune version number three. Do we really need four reboots of Spiderman? Most of the stuff that has been released in the last 20 years in the sci-fi and superhero genre was not all that creative. I’m not saying they weren’t fun in their own way, but they are iterative reboots. How many variations on Star Trek could have been something entirely different? I certainly don’t care for any m
  6. Thanks! I love your banner photo with the road disappearing into the distance. Do you just like classic Mustangs or is that your car or what?
  7. I tend to see my writing as a movie scene that I’m wanting to describe in detail. Sounds, smells, temperature, textures, the loft of the trees above or blue skies or anything else can be described in detail.
  8. I read somewhere that the dinner party scene in Dune was extremely complicated and difficult to write for Frank Herbert. I can see why. It seems like it would be hard to write a scene where you have to keep all the locations of all the guests in the reader’s mind while there is a back-and-forth among the characters that advances the plot.
  9. Siretona Creative in Alberta, Canada is my publisher and the are owned by Colleen McCubbin. Https://www.siretona.com
  10. I’m Travis from Georgia, USA. I’m a writer of fiction books with Christian themes. My first book will be released this year. It’s a contemporary pre-Covid Southern odyssey about a young man who quits his job while traveling for work and then has to find a way home. I look forward to getting to know the writers here.
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