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  1. Madame Ching Shih, the pirate *queen* we were discussing earlier.
  2. @ZeeShe lived from 1775–1844
  3. @suspensewriter It's interesting to see how much goes on behind the scenes in day to day pirate life that wasn't shown in books or movies, and to see the reasoning behind things. For example, some of them wore eye patches when they weren't even missing an eye to help adjust to the below decks dark (especially when they were attacking). And people didn't walk the plank - instead they used keelhauling (dragging the poor, tied person behind the ship) for torture. And of course there's those fun little snippets that aren't usually publicized - one of the most successful pirates with over 300 sh
  4. LOLOLOL I'd advise moving to somewhere that's not Florida - don't get me wrong, beaches are great - but they have HUGE bugs and super hot summers. Hey you could come live by me and we could be roomies!! All the pranks we would play...
  5. Only 5, or six if you count right before I was born, but we've driven through a lot more.
  6. Wish I could help but the only time I've been there was when a) one principal ate lunch with me and a couple of classmates (she was actually really nice) and b) when my art teacher gave us a back office tour showing us where to hang some of our art in the hallways. I've been wanting to know the same thing about detention though!
  8. AHHH SHE DOES SEEM LIKE A MILITARY KID (this is coming from a military kid LOL)!!!!
  9. I love pirates! Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean are both awesome and I love researching real life pirates too - it's very fascinating, especially when you see how much their lives were romanticized in books and movies.
  10. Oooh this will be fun! Well you're still a teen, I know that much - 15-17 range? And you live somewhere with LOTS of snow and at least one sibling. You seem most like the youngest child and one of those people who are sort of quite at first but once you get to know them are loud and hilarious. And (leaves to stalk any threads where you have posted) you also love music vids, baroque music, and country music is *blah*. You've been writing since you were six and you write because you feel like God's calling you to do it! (haha, no, I most certainly did not thread stalk to find
  11. Waterfallll!!!! Glad you joined too!
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