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  1. Is there perhaps a wider discussion here regarding the effect fiction or any other genre has in perpetuating what we may consider evil? e.g. can a description of violence cause a borderline individual to consider committing violence; can reading a swearword encourage the reader to swear? Or do various forms of art or entertainment have a purely descriptive function, simply reflecting what happens in society without having a causal effect? To me, Christian writers have a responsibility to reflect wholesome values, but also have to confront realities to make their work authentic, and at th
  2. Hello Ready Writer, good to meet you.
  3. Thank you, and all the best with your writing too! Thanks for the thought-provoking question.
  4. It's inspiring to read other people's journey and I can identify with a lot of the comments above. I wrote a picture story `book' when I was about 10 (although it was probably only a few pages long). I've always loved reading. It has always thrilled me to open a book and disappear into another world. My Father told the most amazing stories which totally engrossed me as a child. My brother ,who is much older, passed on some of the books he'd read when I was around fifteen, and that opened my mind to the possibilities of fiction. My favorite subject at school was English Composition
  5. Hi Bella, good to meet you. I've just landed here too. Hope you find encouragement and inspiration!
  6. Thanks for the kind words and welcome. I'm a part- time writer, but feel quite passionate about it. I've written my first novel, science fiction, which I've always enjoyed, but I also read widely. It's not overtly Christian, but hopefully expresses my values and can perhaps speak to someone who is searching. My brother thinks `it's ok' . It probably still needs quite a lot of work; I've had some input from another writer, who is also Christian, and mentored me through the process. It's wonderful to find a forum where one can learn more about the craft and I look forward to browsin
  7. Hi, so good to be here; I'm new but am already excited to see all the activity on the site. Thank you for a valuable resource for writers, amazing to be able to exchange views with Christians who write and hope to learn a lot.
  8. Hi Lynn, thanks very much for that. I'm new to this kind of thing; will try to connect via Meet and Greet.
  9. I've written a science fiction novel and would like to get some feedback from beta readers
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