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  1. Music - playing & singing. I play a few instruments, all badly, but have fun and enjoy playing with other people. Mostly old time/ irish trad/ folk/ gospel. Sketching/ pen & ink/ color pencil/ watercolor Reading Bible journalling (a new hobby) Gardening
  2. Welcome Linnea, what a lovely name. It's really good to have a mix of ages here. Everyone has something to share and your energy is infectious! (In a good way, lol)
  3. Apologies if this has been answered before - a search didn't bring up what I was looking for. When I signed up, I used an email I really don't want to use for this forum any more. Is there a way to update the email associated with a member's account? I looked around under my profile and couldn't see how to do that. thank you, Ruth 2 MINUTES LATER: I'm an idiot. Found it!
  4. Welcome Bella and what a cute avatar pic with the leopard cub!
  5. @Zee, Thank you!! On a mobile device, I'd never think of that.
  6. Ok I'll bite . Your description about how you want the feedback is organized and helpful. so can you message me here? I'm new & haven't discovered all the features.
  7. Ruth


    Thanks for the offer - I'll let my friend know.
  8. I had to google what that candy was... it's very green!
  9. Hi AJ, a big hug from me even though we are both strangers. I'm in my early 50s, you sound like you're ? late teens/early 20s? So many years between us, but while I had a pretty stable childhood I've gone through traumatic stuff as an adult. I learned how to come through it and be resilient. Resilience is a wonderful quality & worth cultivating. I echo the praying for you, the urging to seek a Christian counselor, the advice on essential oils (high quality not cheap brands as those are adulterated) and eating real food not junk! I add to that good sleep. I bet you're up la
  10. Hi there, are you actually a Kiwi? Went to NZ once as a child on a family vacation. Nice memories.
  11. Ruth


    Just yesterday a US friend was telling me she was learning Portugese on DuoLingo! And here I come across your post. Welcome to how the world is interconnected in ways we can't begin to imagine
  12. Hi @Kiwigummy, that's an interesting question! I'm not settled on a particular genre. I read widely. I came here to avoid fiction that excessively celebrates violent/gorey/occultic/sexual content. Now an unpleasant theme or subject matter can be used in a story, it's how and why it's used I care about. My critiquing experience has been YA fantasy /coming of age for a friend, but I'm not going to limit myself to that. I'm feeling my way here with offering to critique stranger's work. As long as the writer is aiming for the Good, the Beautiful and the True, that's
  13. Adding to this: It's the everyday words that are important. The vocabulary is different because of the British history connection. These everyday words are used by all classes / ages of ppl and have less potential snares to them such as belonging to older generations or educational backgrounds. Eg include Bonnet/hood, boot/trunk, bumper bar/fender, windscreen/windshield, trolley/shopping cart, car park/parking lot, garage sale/ yard sale, roundabout/traffic circle, primary school/elementary school, chips/french fries, soft drink/soda, biscuits/cookies, burger/sandwich
  14. I agree with @Amonthasar. It's not so much attempting phonetic spelling rather than colloquialisms that will sell the character as being Australian. the easiest colloquialisms involve shortening words and ending them differently. One eg is "-ie". Eg a BBQ (the grill/cooking on grill) becomes a barbie. Football becomes footie. Oh but be careful with your choice of slang. It's changed over the generations & there's differences in how ppl talk for city vs country folks & educational backgrounds - working class vs upper middle classes. if you want to
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