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  1. Killing my darlings. Sometimes I think I'm so clever...I read it a few months later and realize it 1) is distracting or off key from the passage, or 2) just bad writing. Sometimes when I feel I'm really stinking it up, it turns out to be a fairly good passage when I go back for editing.
  2. I agree the use of profanity/vulgarity etc. shows a lack of vocabulary, laziness, lack of creativity, etc. HOWEVER, I find highly unlikely all realistic characters in contemporary settings would adhere to that moral standard. To an extent, a writer may simply inform the the reader that: Frank cussed. Or more creative: Frank went out of the room swearing to the tune of habitual fornications. Or: Jim let out a slew of blasphemies that would have brought the roof down on his head should he have been in church. I personally cannot keep that up as a writer or reader for very long. Here and t
  3. To space or not to space...apart from the prose? That seems like the question to me. It depends on the intent an purpose for the lyrics. If the words are of particular context and are meant to be meditated on? space, indent, center of attention. Passing thought to set mood or atmosphere for a scene not directly in context to the hymn? Be careful not to frustrate the rhythm of the prose/pace of the story/flow of the scene etc. ...but I tend to overthink these things.
  4. Picking up the pen again after a few years of silence. I hope to get insight, encouragement, and inspiration...and most importantly to give the same to others. Be it the craft, the business, or the day to day challenges, I look forward to sharing our experience and faith.
  5. Greetings AJ. Glad to see another new fiction writer. I look forward to fellowshipping.
  6. Hello, Jess. I literally (pun) just joined as well. I look forward to sharing ideas with new and old (however y'all want to take it) members alike.
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