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  1. Sounds like the makings of a great story to me! As far as writing advice, I feel unequipped to give as I am just beginning to explore the world of writing myself. I hope you enjoy the journey my friend.
  2. Hi AJ. Wow! That’s a lot of spinning plates you’ve got going there. Many things come to my mind while reading your post. First of all I would like to say that you are very brave to post all of your struggles. I hope that you are feeling the love from all the responses. You are not alone. We are all created for purpose, and our highest purpose is for us to know and be known by God. Secondly, I have three sons. Let me share a father’s heart for a moment. If they come to me, and it’s not very often that they do, it is a privilege and and honor to listen and or give advice/ counsel. The legacy of
  3. Hearing God speak again is so refreshing! It’s not that God was not speaking (God is always speaking), it’s that I was not hearing. For whatever reason, or condition, or circumstance, or planetary alignment (JK). Another mystery… If I could figure out how to cause God to speak to me I would try to repeat that very thing every day. The closest thing I can attribute to this, on my side of things, is presenting my brokenness to a faithful God in trust and expectation. The permission to do so, I believe, is granted by God Himself. But, we must ask! And let’s get real here. I cannot cause God to do
  4. You found your seat, some time ago. The place of your choosing, opposite your foe. You fold your arms, right where you are. The other side of the isle, it’s really not that far. There is One, who purchased it all, He traversed the isle to overcome the fall. He’s the One who made, the earth and the stars. The other side of the isle, it’s really not that far. Do you know what’s needed, at this very tense hour? Love, hope, and compassion, these are true power. He set the standard,
  5. I received the iPad Air 4 and Apple Pencil as Christmas gifts. It’s been great so far. I also purchased the magic keyboard. I am not sure if it will run the programs that you want, but it could be another more affordable option.... I also have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, but i am not a member of any colt! Officially.... Sent from my iPad
  6. That’s good stuff Chris! I can remember a time when trouble was heavy on my life, but Jesus was seemingly “closer”. Gratitude flows when you have to rely on Him for everything!
  7. Yes, and also. The confidence that I can write and that what I can write is worth sharing with others. It’s a new thing, facing the call of God to write. Up until now, my writing has been in the privacy of my own journaling. I really have more questions than answers at this point. I do feel, however, that it is time to step out of my excuses and into a new chapter (no pun intended) of writing.
  8. The answer of what to write is obvious to me. The most important thing I can write about is the Gospel. The most beautiful thing I can write about is the Gospel. The most fulfilling, complex yet simple, unique though speaks to all humanity thing that I can write about is ( you probably guessed it), the Gospel! Here is the question: Should my writing speak directly about the subject at hand, or should it be hidden in a story for people to discover? A.W. Tozer was of the first school of thought, J.R.R. Tolkien was of the second, and C.S. Lewis went for both schools! I Had never notic
  9. Great responses to the prompt! I have not but just begun my writing journey, so I can’t answer the question with much substance. I am still wrestling with the call itself. I have many thoughts on the subject of the call, too many to express here. I suppose that the accurate response would be that I am exploring writing because of the call of God to share the Gospel as a witness and an ambassador of Christ.
  10. Wow! Some really great insights in the posts above! I have struggled with depression for many years in the past. Almost lost my wife and kids in the midst of it. I can see that there very well may be a correlation between creativity and depression. In my thinking, the two are polar opposites. In my experience, the more I look inward the more prone I am to feel anxious or depressed. The more I look to Jesus the more I feel hopeful and inspired. Hope and inspiration are excellent ingredients for creativity!
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