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  1. Oops, I didn't realize this was the wrong place for the thread! It's about 48K words, and it's Christian fiction, realistic, YA.
  2. Maybe? I wasn't sure! Should I remake this thread there?
  3. As you might know, I've been working on a book named "Just One More Day" for a while. I've finished it, so now I need some severe editing. I'm on the lookout for some people who can read it and give me feedback on it overall, and also find grammatical errors. I would give you the link to the doc (I have a copy of it on google docs; you don't have to have a gmail account to use google docs) so you could go through it. Even if you can only do a few chapters, I'd appreciate it. You can leave comments or edits on the document and I'll keep up with them. I've got a possible place to publish,
  4. My favorite is the one with the blue and gold party hat! What's yours?
  5. Aha! 9. True 10. (uhhh) false
  6. True, I think? It's like half true, half false. . . So I guess that means false? True True Probably true I've never heard of that song before. . . False I haven't heard of lead sheets before but I'm going to reckon true? False? True?
  7. Hey Kate, I'm praying for you. Love you, sister. <333
  8. That's true. I hadn't thought of that.
  9. Oh lol, I'm not planning anything. I really don't want to have kids, and I'm not interested in marriage. But it's an interesting course! Waaaait, I thought you were a teen! How old are you, if you mind me asking?
  10. I dunno. The fact that they're old cells doesn't change the fact: They're dead baby cells.
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