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  1. I dunno. The fact that they're old cells doesn't change the fact: They're dead baby cells.
  2. I hadn't much either, until my mom brought it up!
  3. Ah, same! It's so frustrating. That is hilarious!!! (oops, I just did multiple punctuation marks. . . )
  4. @William D'AndreaA trained nurse explained to my family and I that people who are high in vitamin D don't tend to get covid, or if they do, it's a very, very light case.
  5. Me too! But I do think their grammar and their quality of writing is better than public schoolers'. That's my humble opinion, however!
  6. There are probably many reasons why I love writing and (ugh I hate to say this because it sounds like bragging) why I am slightly talented in it. But one of the reason I think I am is because I've been homeschooled since second grade. Ever since I've started homeschooling, I've adored writing, I've written alllllll the time, and it's become my thing. I've noticed that a lot of homeschooling kids tend to enjoy writing. Not only that, but they can actually write. Like, kids these days DO NOT know grammar, how to create an interesting story, etc. That's not to say all homeschoolers can writ
  7. That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing!!
  8. Hahahaha! I actually didn't laugh while reading it, because I was trying not to. I did smile like an idiot, though!
  9. weorvorenvt qorenv qwnt vontrv KATHERINE
  10. Well no, because you're the youngest kid. Talk to your mom 'bout it. We have really good kids, too. I'll admit that the baby throws temper tantrums sometimes (and I threw horrible ones), but we're not whiners or fussy.
  11. He goes for gospel meetings, where he preaches at other churches.
  12. Yeah but we just finished having a toddler who had to nurse every 2-4 hours, and she nursed for 1 hour at a time. *dramatic sigh*
  13. No, but they live a few days drive away from us, and we have so many little kiddos that it takes too much patience and time to drive.
  14. To my grandparent's house a few times a year or sometimes with my dad on business trips.
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