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  1. True False Pfft I can’t remember let’s call it true True maybe? False True and false! Because that makes sense (aka who knows) False? The way you worded it is a bit confusing lol False False uhh True
  2. well it's one week per camp, but it has summer camps from the end of may to the end of august (some camps are for homeschoolers)
  3. Yes, I do. But different acting--theater and screen are very different. Though you're right, if it didn't collide with those dates it would be much better) one week long
  4. I don’t want to be in this play :/ frankly, I’m one of the only kids and I don’t feel comfortable around all those adults. And it’s an hour away, outside… it’s a lot of hassle for a small part, especially when I’m giving up camp for it. I think spiritual responsibilities are more important, and I’m afraid that the play is me focusing on my career and dreams. Camp is a place where I can grow in my faith and help others do the same— that’s better, right? *sigh* I’m not even sure
  5. That's an amazing story!! Thank you so much for sharing, it's really inspiring to hear about stuff like that :)) And congratulations on your kids and grandkids! That's quite an achievement!
  6. Okay! Those sound great, thank you :)) How do you know?
  7. I’m not entirely sure. Last summer they were short staffed toward the end (it was late august) so I had a lot to do, and I think my parents think the camp shouldn’t have put me in that position. But I loved it—it was good, hard work. However, at the time, I complained a lot… looking back is when I realize that it was good for me.
  8. Yeah, sorry I’ve been busy and stuff
  9. Well, here I am again. #1: A woman from my church (she was an old sunday school teacher of mine actually! and she does a lot of painting, like for our vbs) is now in they hospital for heart issues. I’m not sure what exactly but she’s not doing very well. She has kids and grandkids who could really use some prayer, and of course, she can use it #2: Just found out yesterday that one of my best friends is moving to North Carolina in August. The family is going down this week to check our houses, so definitely prayer for safety and for them to find a good place.
  10. Whoa I really love this! Lots of emotion in here. Poor kid :(( great job!
  11. I don’t what this is, but I’m replying to this because when I saw “The Schism” I thought of Lemony Snicket WHO I SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH!
  12. Okay, I’ve finished reading Forever and Always. I had some thoughts, ofc. Overall, it was pretty good. Hope you’re acting these days and I guess you’ll be graduating school soon? I don’t really know, haha. Good job writing your book. I hope you can get it published one day.

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    2. ThePerilousPen


      oh and yes I’m in a play right now! A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

    3. Wesley Southern

      Wesley Southern

      That’s nice. I thought you might be graduating middle school. MND is funny. My favorite character is Puck.

    4. ThePerilousPen


      Yeah Puck is! I get to be in a lot of scenes with him, which is cool.  

      ohh yeah haha I guess I am! some schools do the graduation for it but since I’m homeschooled I don’t think much about it 

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