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  1. Oh sweet AJ <333 I'm so, so sorry! I feel you *hugs* you're not alone in this!!!! God is walking with you right now and holding you. I know it hurts, but you have to be strong If you run away from what hurts, then you're turning your back on what can make you stronger! It's tough, but you can do it! And if you press on and don't give up, everything will be right in the end, I promise. Remember: The darker the night is, the brighter God's love and kindness shines <333 I love you very much! You're an amazing person and a talented writer. You can do this! <3333
  2. interesting! although I'm not entirely sure I follow you. You want to know stuff we've struggled with? Here's a list of mine: Cutting Panic attacks (ongoing) Nightmares (traumatic ones-ongoing) Depression Anxiety ( sort of ongoing) Bullimia Suicide (the thought and planning, obvs I didn't go through with it) I have lost some close ones, too, but that doesn't really count. Hmm I guess also like, I've struggled with some lgbtq+ related things (such as arguments with people...oops) is that what you were looking for? sorry if it wasn't!
  3. whoa that sounds so cool! (tho I'm pretty sure it was directed at adults lol)
  4. haha this: "I gasp for breath as he tightens his hold around my neck." {yes my current novel's beginning )
  5. YES YES YES YES YES I say it does! My depression (among other things heheh...) have inspired me in many ways. They've helped me to write my story, because now, I can connect better with my characters, and understand how they feel. (off note but: in return, my novel has helped me so, so much in this battle) so yeah I think so! or at least sometimes
  6. oh no I get that! I'm not, either. I mean, I talk about God (and they're Christians) but I do use some swears (although I blank them out) so I get it! books sell better when pitched to the general audience then the Christian audience. It's a sad, but true fact
  7. thanks! yes she's amazing! lol I met here through Mrs. Rayburn (my mom's close friend) so that's why I asked about both
  8. I can still pass along tips to you after all, you helped me write this!! Like in so many ways!!!
  9. Just wondering if y'all have heard of either of them random, lol, but I'm curious! they're Christian authors so I thought, maybe? possibly?? anyway, sorry if this wasn't the right place for this question!
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