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  1. Romance is literally 90% of what I read and about 50% of what I write and I’ve never even dated someone sheesh
  2. I'll start off by saying that I'm grounded, and on here now thanks to my parents (they said I could). Apparently one bad word gets you a week of . . . what, groundation? I have no idea. In any case, my mental health pretty much crashed and burned after that, and something happened that I'll tell you about when my groundence or whatever is over. Until then, could you pray for me? I'm also going to the hospital tonight so I'd appreciate it if I could get some prayers, thank you And now for the death. It's not long ago that I was on here, asking for
  3. He was heavy! and to be fair, I was like 8 XD
  4. Kids don't like me (and babies and I. . . we don't get along. I'm pretty sure I've dropped a baby before) and yeah, I want to be an actress, so I'm not sure how that would work. . . but having kids also depends on the guy I marry and what his preferences are. I guess the main thing is that I'm not huge on the idea (okay fine I hate the idea)of giving birth so yeah, lol
  5. oh nah they weren't mad, my dad thought it was funny too it's Baptist summer camp, anything can happen. It was all girls playing, thank God, or else I would have been thrown off that ledge (not even kidding, I know a lot of guys who would love to pick me up and chuck me over the edge )
  6. TO BE FAIR The game we were playing involved stealing glow sticks from trees, and since it was night out (late night) they had glow sticks all along the edge of the cliff to keep anyone from falling off. Buuut even though it was against the rules, people took the low sticks anyway, so I couldn't see anything at all XD so I have an excellent excuse lol!
  7. sweetest thing *tries to remember when I ate last* . . . probably a madeleine with powdered sugar! it wasn't very sweet though I kind of failed in making them XD
  8. yeah I'm the person who breaks a bone or cracks their head open and goes "WHOA MAD" (seriously, I was so happy when I sprained my ankle this summer, I thought it was so cool. not to mention when I feel off a 12-15 foot drop into the middle of a creek that was filled with rocks and sticks and mud! it was about midnight, we were at summer camp, and I got so many cuts. it was mad fun, though, since it was for a game. that's how I sprained my ankle--I fell off three times)
  9. oh yeah it broke the skin! I was actually very jealous because I thought the scar was cool ( I still think it is, and that happened about maybe 8 years ago?) ahh well we were at this farm, and me and some other kids were feeding the horses from our hands. I was little so of course I did it wrong, and the horse bit my hand instead of the oats it hurt really bad at the time, but honestly there was only a bit of blood to my memory, and now it wouldn't phase me at all XD
  10. haha my brother was! he was walking home (in high school) and this dog ran up and bit him in the leg. ripped through his jeans and left a lovely (and large) scar. I haven't been bitten, though. Oh but I've been bitten by a horse! XD
  11. I'm read this as "Over 100 years ago" and my eyes went O.O XD

    @Leah_DonavanOn Nano you said you didn't know what 1D was (One Direction) so here are some awesome songs by them! You might like 'em, you might now! But anyway, though I'd share it (and ofc anyone else can to listen to them too, lol) 

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    2. Leah_Donavan


      Apparently you're not alone, lol! guess I'm slow, too. 😄 (Coming from the one who asked somebody 'what's it ca;;ed?' i.e. called...oh, dear!

    3. Leah_Donavan


      Buenas noches, mi amiga!

    4. ThePerilousPen


      buenas noches!! sleep well <33

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