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  1. Hello all, My name is Anthony Lim. I have just begun writing my first book and what a daunting task it is. I battle against schizophrenia on a daily basis. I have overcome many giants with God's divine help, including the giants of heresy, hypocrisy, bi polar, idols and witchcraft, suicide, and much more. I heard from a friend that I should write a book. And after praying to the Holy Spirit, He told me to write a book also. So here I am. I have lots of story content and plot points. I'm in the phase of writing a manuscript. Would be nice i
  2. Who likes Christian novels and writing? Well message me or post below if you are interested in becoming the co-author of my new book. It's a nonfiction story of my battle against lots of spiritual giants, one of which is Schizophrenia. The book title right now is "The Voices Say, All Your Family Will Be Saved." - A true story about a schizophrenic man's battle and journey for God to save all his family. So I have lots of plot and story material. Just need help writing it. Will share royalties and everything. I can share individually more info about the book so we can se
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