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  1. Thanks! These articles are very helpful, along with everyone's feedback. These are the reservations that prompted me to ask before posting the chapters. I think I'll refrain.
  2. You all have inspired me to try to build my website. I'm working on one with Wix. @Shamrock how do you put in the cookies and privacy notices? Also, is it a bad idea to put some sample chapters of my novel on my website? Thanks!
  3. Welcome! I love dad jokes! Glad you are here!
  4. That's a very good plan.
  5. Well, I thought I had finished the first book in a four-part series, but after a bunch of research, I learned that it won't work. The first book doesn't end the story (much like Fellowship of the Ring), and 77,000 word is too small for a high fantasy novel. Also, publishers are not likely to take a risk on a series for a new author. So I thought the best thing to do is actually finish the whole story and go from there. It may be short enough for one novel, or can be broken up as a trilogy or duology. So, I'm about a quarter of the way through.
  6. Thank you, Lynn. That helps very much!
  7. I've tried very hard to find the rules of this forum because I don't want to make an unwitting mistake, but I can't find it. Could someone tell me how to find it? Thanks.
  8. I'm also a huge Tolkien fan. The platform that Rebecca was talking about sounds very interesting.
  9. Hi! Nice to meet you
  10. Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum, and I'm happy to see such a thriving community of Christian writers. I'm writing my first novel, high fantasy, which will probably take a long time. I recently lost my job as a librarian due to COVID layoff, but I'm grateful to God for giving me the push I need to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing.
  11. I think it is more of a fictional, stand-in for Christianity--a version for the totally fictitious high fantasy world I created.
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