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  1. I agree people should not use foul language (it seems they think it is "cool" to use foul language. I just pray for these people that they may realize what they are doing is wrong.
  2. Aiden014


    Yes I believe that trump was chosen by God to defend religious freedom
  3. That is good that you at least tried
  4. Do or do not, there is no try!
  5. Thanks, I would not dream of publishing without permission
  6. I would want it published by Tolkien estate and named under "by J.R.R Tolkien "
  7. I wanted there to be more action with Túrin and the sword, and it was my original idea that the middle-earth black market was a morgoth cult. That is just what I had planned
  8. ..........maybe............I will......scrap the......story, just to be on the safe side
  9. Maybe he is not his descendant, but a normal Dalish man( the story begins with the end of the Hobbit time)
  10. In my story grave robbers stole the sword shards and spread them about middle-earth, so Túrin is trying to find his ancestors sword. When neinor was supposedly killed, she was found by elves beside the river and she soon had a son. Then the line continues. The villains are the leaders of the black market in middle-earth, because the black market is pretty much everywhere, and I though what would a black market in middle-earth be like? So their leader worships morgoth and almost ends up releasing morgoth back into middle-earth before it is his time, and it is up to Túrin to stop him( he learn
  11. One thing that can be hard when writing is making travel scenes longer than just 3 paragraphs describing where they went and how the journey felt like (hot or cold, mountainous or flat) I want to make it longer, but it is plain hard!
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