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  1. Well, I do not know where to begin. I guess I have always loved both reading and writing, then one day, I decided to begin writing a book. Of course, a few of my ideas have been scrapped, but now I am writing two books currently
  2. All Writers start somewhere, with each having a unique story to as why they chose to write. For some it was because they had always loved it and were coming up with ideas 24/7, others they wrote due to an event that changed their life spirituality, or they had a completely different motivation to write. What is yours? Why did you decide to write?
  3. Leftys are depicted as evil in most historic paintings
  4. Leftys have a very scarred history
  5. That's cool! If you wanted a wii, they are like 15$ nowadays. Very cheep
  6. That's crazy, what are the odds of that happening? But still that is pretty cool
  7. I can't do anything with my right hand, and sometimes My favorite is Twilight Princess, have you ever tried that one?
  8. Also niel armstrong, leonardo davinci, and Napoleon Bonaparte
  9. Also, this is random, but Link is lefty as well
  10. I like reading up on left-handed history, it is one of my "odd" hobbies along with swordsmanship
  11. Cool, did you know that henry Ford and Thomas Jefferson were leftys?
  12. It is hard to find some stuff like golf clubs and bows made for leftys, but for you that is not a problem do to you being ambidextrous
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