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  1. Thanks, for the clarification. It's a bit nerve-wracking, to say the least, since I write for the YA market myself.
  2. Thanks for the breakdown, Jeff. Very interesting, indeed. Would you explain the above for me? I guess I'm not sure what was meant by 'no contacts in the market'. The fact that she loved it is great!
  3. I don't actually think I'm either or; it depends on the situation. I enjoy my own company but can equally be the life of the party... and, I don't necessarily need quiet time to write. Friends? Who are they? . I'm joking. I'd say I have a circle of close knit friends.
  4. Thanks, Wes B. I'll do that. I deleted that comment , but thanks, I'll bare that in mind.
  5. Thanks for your view of the book, Zee. You make it sound like a good read.
  6. Thanks for this, Wes B! I'll rethink reading it; I especially like the sound of the sequel.
  7. that's quite funny. Winning the Pulitzer Prize doesn't mean everyone should know the story. I doubt I'll watch the movie either. Not saying never but I'm not jumping on the sadness train at present, if it's to do with death. Does someone die?
  8. OK. Will you publish the various genres under pseudonyms? I read something about readers getting confused and disappointed if they're used to an author writing one genre only to pick up a book and it's another.
  9. Nice! Must be cool to have a sibling into writing like you. Is the book in the same genre you write in?
  10. I'm not sure if I can continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird if the ending is so sad ... Does someone die??
  11. For those if you reading books that have been made into movies, have you watched the movies? If yes, was that factor in your decision to read said book drive? If you haven't watched it, do you plan on watching the movies after you read the book? I've been apart of numerous discussions where people have said the books are way better than the movies, in my case I agree. If I read the book first I'll watch the movie but I won't vice versa, because I feel like it's spoiled it for me; I'll be seeing the characters in the movie the whole time.
  12. OK. Why is that? I started a few books before I settled on To Kill a Mockingbird. For me, the first paragraphs didn't grab me enough to warrant me taking time away from my novel.
  13. I'm currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I'm not sure about it just yet. I liked the opening paragraph but it felt like it digressed a bit after, with a lot of narrative exposition that lost me. I'll keep reading though. So, what are you reading? And, if it's not to do with the craft, do you think it takes away from the time you could be writing?
  14. Gosh, I wouldn't use sensible, but I thought this was interesting: Surround yourself with other writers. As many as possible. You are the average of your five best writer friends.
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