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  1. Great question! I write because . . . I absolutely love doing it I believe it’s what God has called me to do I hope and pray that maybe others will be influenced in some way because of my writing. —and I keep writing because of those same reasons!
  2. Yes, Ky! My book is about a government agency—only no one knows about it beside the agents and the guy in charge i know—sort of crazy—but i think it’s coming together really nicely!
  3. Good for you, WillametteSutta! That's a great accomplishment! Welcome to the community
  4. Good question, Aiden014! I'll try to answer it based on what I've found out . . . Each character must be real to you in order to seem real to the reader. And if they're real to you, than you can easily picture them living a regular life. For example, when I'm not writing, my mind sometimes wonders and I see the characters in my book living normal lives when they're not on a "mission" so to speak. What I mean to say is, that picture your character in a way that makes you believe they're real--and they don't just exist when you write about them. I even heard of a writing prompt th
  5. Hello, Aiden! Glad you could join ChristianWriters.com! My personal favorite by Tolkien is The Lord of The Rings
  6. Thanks, RLHicks! that’s great advice! and no worries, carolinamtne! I just appreciate everyone’s help!!
  7. Thats a good point, carolinamtne! But no, actually the whole “confidence” thing is not what’s be let’s others see at all. In fact, I try to do everything in my peer to make him really humble And I think that the reader can see that.
  8. Oh, ok! That’s great to know thanks, EBraten!
  9. I’m trying I finish up my current novel, but i often get sidetracked and excited abt what i could do in a sequel. In fact, I’ve planned a lot of things I could do in it—and I’m still just abt 2/3 with the first one! Is planning a sequel a good thing, or should I stay focused on my current material only?
  10. Thank you, carolinamtne for your feedback! I don’t see him being any way egotistical, but I can see how I might have made him sound that way thanks again and thanks, Zee, for the encouragement
  11. That is great information, Amosathar!! Thank you!
  12. I’ll message you my email. Thanks again!
  13. I think it's a very generous offer, Zee! I was just curious as to know what its about
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