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  1. This one. It's set in rural Pennsylvania, in autumn of 1943, and it's one of my favorites. It had literally the furthest thing from a happy ending, and yet the ending was absolutely fitting and satisfying. But it tore me up.
  2. Yeah, good point. Unfortunately, I've got to hop off, as it's getting pretty late here. I'll spend some time rethinking all of this. You've given me some good stuff to turn over in my head before going to sleep tonight. When I come up with some new and hopefully better ideas, can I tag you on this post and share them? Thanks for all your help and suggestions, Wesley. G'night!
  3. But she has been living with her mother. She hasn't seen Finn since she was like eight, and then her mother finally got sick of her acting out, and sent her back to her father just before her 16th birthday.
  4. I'm not urban, I'm more rural. I live in a comparatively small town. The wifi is trash, if that's any indication of my surroundings. I don't know, several months, I guess.
  5. Oof, ya done it again. I'm from Michigan. I don't like it ... but I guess the locale could change??
  6. Okay, I'm on it. Be warned: you asked for it! Audience: mostly YA, but I'd like it to be something intelligent and thoughtful enough that adults would read it. Genre: drama, slice-of-life; at one point I thought about making it a thriller. I did have the entire plot worked out, with a knock-out twist finale, until I realized what I was thinking was way too complicated to write. However, I'd still love for there to be an element of dark thriller in it. Also, the underlying theme is the father-daughter relationship. Setting: a fictional small town in Lou
  7. Yes, yes, yes!! How on earth do I achieve that? The twists and pizzazz, I mean. I know it's what I need. Something interesting and fresh.
  8. Right again. And as much as I loathe the idea, I think that's exactly what I have to do...
  9. Ah, but you see, you've hit the nail on the head once again. Confession time: I've been scrapping and starting over since last October. No lie.
  10. How is that idea contrived? I actually really like @HK1's idea.
  11. Okay, you're absolutely right. I almost can't believe I didn't catch any of this before. And now...uh, I got nothing. Wesley, you're sounding pretty brilliant right now. And you've been really helpful, and you're giving it to me straight. I appreciate that. What would you do with this mess??
  12. Let me guess: and it falls to Joanna to stop the murderous deed, right? Don't tempt me! It's the kind of thing I would do! What's wrong with the premise? And I'm not asking in a negative way. I really need to know, because I'm still at the point where anything at all in the story could change. I'm actually really enjoying this conversation, Wesley! Man, this is the kind of stuff I need to hear!
  13. That's a great idea too! Thanks Lynn! As for mystery, there might be. I'm not sure yet. I'm a sucker for mystery, so there's a good chance of it. Why?
  14. The way I envisioned it, he was quite wealthy, but when he started getting sick, his wife Maggie split the scene because she's extremely selfish and materialistic, as you said, and doesn't want to wind up as his caregiver. Then she took the daughter, Joanna, with her.
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