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  1. @Claire Tucker What @Jeff Pottsand @Shamrock said about Wix. I was going to start my own site with Wix, and I even still have the account. The reason I switched to Medium, the free hosting site I use now, is that I couldn't afford a monthly fee to make my Wix experience really worth it. But I totally recommend it to someone who can pay the monthly subscription.
  2. 1st John, hands down! 1st John 5:13 gave me a lot of comfort during a time I was facing a lot of doubt and confusion in my life. Of course, it still comforts me to this day.
  3. @Aiden014 Have you read through the entire Bible?
  4. Hey, I'm no lefty, but I am trying to teach myself to be ambidextrous! Oof, yeah, I know that was random.
  5. Oh cool! I'm currently reading through the Bible (it's kinda slow going, I must admit) and I'm in the book of Judges right now. It is pretty interesting! I just finished the part about Gideon.
  6. Hi there!! Welcome, jayjay, I'm a fellow Michigander as well. You have a great testimony; glad you joined us here on Christianwriters.
  7. I don't know but this cracked me up. I've got a thesaurus that I try to use now and again, usually when I get stuck on a word or need a clever or more creative way of saying something.
  8. Sorry to hear you're going through some struggles, William. I will be praying for you! May God lead you and show you what He would have you do. May I ask what the writings are about? Just curious. I personally have written several stories of darker themes that are far from Christian. I'll admit that what I believe to be some of my best stories contain things like madness, suicide, etc. It's fiction, it's storytelling, and I have not felt convicted over them, at least not at this point.
  9. So sorry I'm late to the party! Congrats @Ky_GirlatHeart on your one-year anniversary of being on CW. So glad you're here; you make the forums such a fun, cheerful place to chat. YES!! THE GREAT TEEN STAMPEDE!! I guess I did kinda start it, didn't I? Well, thanks for the shout-out. I'm just glad we're all here. Like you, I've made so many good friends on CW, gotten lots of good advice, and received prayer when I was in need. And I thank God for everyone on here, for the fellowship, for my brothers and sisters in Christ.
  10. Congrats! And I know the luxurious feeling: I just blew over $50 of my first ministry work paycheck on Criterion Collection movies. Though your purchases sound more practical, I'm sure having fun with mine!
  11. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a blessed day!
  12. So, I'm finally reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. (See, @Wes B, I promised in one of our previous conversations that I'd get to it this summer. ) Anyways, WOW! I've tried to read it multiple times since I was 11 years old, when I first fell in love with the movie, but it's only now, at 16, that I'm truly into it and loving it. Secondly, the last classic book I finished also deserves a place with the "Great American Novels" in my opinion: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. An all-round amazing story. Yes it's harsh, yes it's mature, yes it borders on inappropri
  13. Wait, they remade that?? I had no clue! I love that movie; Alec Guinness is so funny in that. Now I want to watch it again. @Johne To me, this is heartbreaking. Crushing, actually. To think I might have to write draft after draft after draft after ... you get the idea. I know, lame 21st Century kid saying this, but ... that sounds like too much work!
  14. Oh wow, that's amazing!! Happy anniversary, and may God bless you both greatly!
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