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  1. Thank you, family. A blessed Sunday to everyone.
  2. Thank you @Alley and @suspensewriter. Nice to meet you.
  3. Amen. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm feeling at home already
  4. Hello family. I'm Emmanuel from Ghana. I'm happy to be here to learn and share. I grew up in a Christian home and love the community of believers. I have recently been inspired to write and grateful I found out about this community of Christian writers. Working on my first book, 365 days devotional of praise, thanksgiving and assurance of God's promises; a daily devotional with Hebrew and Greek keyword study. Volume 1 (90 days) is ready and will be happy if anyone would love to beta read and provide feedback. Thank you and looking forward to learning from everyone. God bless us all
  5. Hello @lynnmosher. Thank you for the reminder. I'm doing that right away. Basically, it's between 150-200 words per day. Should take 3-5 minutes to read and meditate.
  6. Hello family. I am new here, and so glad to be part of this group. Please, I need beta readers for my Christian devotional, who could feedback before Christmas (December 25). Let me first wish everyone here a Merry Christmas in advance, especially to those who celebrate. So, I have my final draft, volume 1 of 365 days of praise, thanksgiving and assurance of God’s promises, covering the first 3 months (i.e., January to March). Each day comes with the scripture, a keyword Hebrew study, prayer & confession, food for thought, and a bible reading plan with around 20,000
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