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  1. Great to hear! Rumour has it the first one is the hardest one. I am keen on finding out if this is true or not? You down? What area of writing are you interested in? (Would have sent this privately but I either am not allowed to yet, or don't know how to)
  2. Thanks Iynnmosher. Good to be here. About me: I am logging in from Canada where I live with my wife and little boy (age 1). Recently graduated from seminary with an interest to get into full-time ministry. However, as most of you are aware, something called Covid-19 happened, and has put a slight pause on the pursuit of those plans. As far as writing goes, I have always enjoyed it in some form or another. When I was younger I had a very unsuccessful acting career. By that I mean, my work was so minimal that you wouldn't have seen me anywhere. Lol. But the
  3. Thank you all for the warm greetings. Look forward to sharing with you all as the weeks and months come.
  4. Hi All, There is something about sharing your passion with others that made this too hard to pass up. Like many of you, I'm a Christian working on his first book. Joined the group to connect with solid like-minded Christian guys who are committed to the work. Would love for this to be the group (or forum) where we can encourage each other, ask questions, and check in how each other's projects are coming along. If you could point me in the right direction for those things, that would be much appreciated.
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