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  1. Thanks! Sent you a private message with a link to my file.
  2. Are you good with grammer? Looking for someone to get my privacy policy edited by Friday April 30th. It isn't dry and boring. To give you an idea of my style, here is a small sample of my privacy policy. "Welcome aboard mateys! Make yourself at sea. Tour the decks. Climb the ropes. Try the spyglass. I can't provide you with a clean bunk…quarters are a bit smelly. No one wears deodorant around here. But as your captain, I value your privacy, so I will do my best to provide you with that! I use SSL (encryption). No, that isn't pirate or seafaring ta
  3. You can't have your cake and eat it too. I guess the cake is only to look at?
  4. That's neat Travis! I'm part of a small short film crew myself. I thought of doing the same thing too with my script based off my book. Problem is I love to act and I'm not sure they would take on a writer who also wants to act. I think the only way to get around it is to make the film myself. Never produced anything on my own before so I think I'll start small before going full feature. What kind of book are you hoping to adapt?
  5. That would be cool wouldn't it?I feel the same!
  6. Any book? I hope to turn my seafaring book into a movie. I'm writing the script first before the novel. As far as books I've read I wish I could see the rest of the narnia books made into movies!
  7. Welcome Asa! Neat to see that you area screenwriter. I'm attempting to writing sons scripts as well.
  8. Hi Shannon, I am a writer and am also part of a small Christian film production. I'd be interested in hearing your ideas.
  9. Just before I was born! I guess that means right now I shouldn't be existing yet.
  10. Very true! Thank you. My friend was kind and invited me to a Friendsgiving dinner next week. So even though I will be alone this week, at least I get to spend Thanksgiving on another day with my friends. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!
  11. Yes happy birthday Sarah!!! You share the same day as my brother.
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