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  1. Very true! Thank you. My friend was kind and invited me to a Friendsgiving dinner next week. So even though I will be alone this week, at least I get to spend Thanksgiving on another day with my friends. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!
  2. Yes happy birthday Sarah!!! You share the same day as my brother.
  3. Definitely get your desire to be unique. I think some familiarity does help target readers. But only enough to peak a readers interest to read or buy the book. My book was inspired by Narnia but it is very different
  4. Cool story idea! If it's a bit like Alice in Wonderland, maybe a name similar or strikes a connection. Depending on if you're book is at all similar or inspired by Alice in wonderland. I just wouldn't take the land name "Wonderland" right out since that isn't your story. But if it is a land name that reminds readers who love that story, it will probably target your readers.
  5. Sounds like a great opportunity! Are you still taking people? Maybe a chapter from my novel or memior. My memior is about 3,500 words and needs polishing. How short should it be? PM me if you'd like
  6. Have you heard of hard fanstasy and soft fantasy? Soft fantasy works great with themes.
  7. Read a book about this and have been praying about it myself. I don't have suggestions for the Revelation time period, but I do on the magic system. A Christian non-fiction book I read suggested making a magic system unlike anything else in our real world to stay way from using occult practices.Narnia & Lord of the rings are good examples of doing that.
  8. Nice! A Narnia inspired book! I love capture and escape scenes! In my opinion the more the better! I'd say whatever is needed for the plot. I almost always have a few capture and escape scenes in my books.
  9. Narnia is always my personal favorite. As far are lesser known books... The Youngest Templar for sure. It's Historical Fantasy YA.It had me turning pages like crazy. Though it's more of a book for writers who love the fast past style rather than fantasy world-building skills. Lord of the Rings is a great book for theme. The Door Within is a christian fantasy series that I found interesting.It reads like MG.It's about a character that travels to another world.Reminded me if Narina and Lord of the Rings. I haven't read Susan Cooper's books yet, but it's on my
  10. Nice to meet you Jim! Cool to see that you are a novelist and filmaker! I'm involved in a film crew as well called Creative Truth Films. Are any of your short films on Youtube?
  11. Finally figured it out.I was looking in the wrong place! No wonder why all I could find was devotions! Adelaide? I really like that name!
  12. That is true! Books with a target audience helps find readers who specifically like what you're writing, but it doesn't always mean others won't enjoy it.I read outside my genre sometimes because I can learn new writing skills I wouldn't otherwise.Plus it's nice to read a variety of things. Thanks! The critique feature makes a little more sense now. I have looked around for others stories but not sure if I'm looking in the right place.Mostly all I see is devotionals. Do you have yours on here? Nice to meet you Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your blog
  13. Nice to meet you too Storysmith! Neat! I always like to have at least some form of fantasy in my stories. I'm intregued.The "lot's of sailing" part hooked me. Love to hear more about it! Thank you! Your story sounds like a book I would love to read as well!
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