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  1. Published today: poems about faith with plenty of rhyme. Intrigued? Check out A Sense of Tiptoe and other articles of faith by Karen Hayes. ‘This is an engaging and rewarding collection seeking to face and grapple honestly with some serious questions about human beliefs regarding relationships with the divine.’ – LondonGrip Meet their misfortune with indifference, God gives and takes with even hand, Run from the heresies of difference, Shun what you do not understand. https://www.hollandparkpress.co.uk/books/a-sense-of-tiptoe/
  2. For Veterans Day I wore them yes combat boots you didn’t know you said what do you know forget the rhyme and reason of your suspicious thoughts think when you see combat boots of me of me alone From combat boots a #poem in #Yugoslav #Requiem by @ArnhemseJongen #RemembranceDay #VeteransDay https://www.hollandparkpress.co.uk/books/yugoslav-requiem/
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