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  1. I could not agree more after trying to be a Tolkien elvish language nerd. lol I always enjoy worlds with different languages with corresponding cultures and unique features. It certainly makes the world much easier to immerse into and learn more about.
  2. Yes! I couldn't agree more. I feel too many fantasy stories are too narrow focused and too fast paced on one story. This always disappoints me when the world is well done and has my interest to learn more about it. However the exploration stops when the main story ends causing it to lose the potential of expanding further using the same same world for more stories. So far my story's theme does seem to be in the popular trend like Narnia and Lord of the Rings which are big influences. I can definitely say my world and races might have some similarities to those but it is definitely
  3. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if you all could share some aspects of what you enjoy and look for in fantasy worlds that would keep your interest. I am always looking for more new ideas to add into my world. I look forward to hearing what everyone's interests are.
  4. I definitely want my story to stand out as much as possible by creating something unexpected. I want the reader to be able to explore the world while also getting to know my characters in their trials and adventures. One of my others main goals is to create storyline and world that will not end with one big story but also have plenty of room for more. I certainly would appreciate everyone's thoughts on that I am trying to not copy much from my inspirations of the Redwall series, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia. I will only take the great ideas that stuck out to me the most in the books such as t
  5. Thank you, I really appreciate the advice. It definitely gave me a lot to things to consider and new ideas. I will definitely need to come back to those questions.
  6. Hey Everyone! I pray you are all having a blessed week! As some of you know, I am currently in the process of worldbuilding/designing a large fantasy novel series. I have never named any stories this large and I am kind of stuck at the moment on ideas. I have thought of naming the series after the world it is in but I am quite sure yet. The theme focus of the series is about character growth and quality that will embed basic Christian moral principles that will hopefully impact the reader in regards to real life challenges. I will put my merry band of characters through countless
  7. Hi Callie! Welcome aboard! I am also a homeschooler grad and college sophomore. It is a pleasure to meet you!
  8. Welcome! It is nice to meet you!!
  9. I will keep you and your family in my prayers!
  10. Hi! It is a pleasure to meet you! Stories that involve seafaring have always been a big favorite of mine. I am currently in the process of building a fantasy world I will base my novel series out of and there will be a lots and lots of sailing in it. I definitely look forward to reading your work when they are ready.
  11. Hi everyone! I am Josh Scheele. I am a college student (not currently). I was homeschooled and my dad is a pastor. I am learning to write poetry and also in the process of writing a fantasy novel series. My inspiration for writing my series are Lord of the Rings, the Stormlight Archive series, Narnia, and the Redwall series. I definitely love a good story. I am new to writing but I am eager to improve in the art, and hopefully become a good storyteller. I am open to any advice, critics, and recommendations to resources. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to connect with other C
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