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  1. Thanks Ora! I’ll reply to your message. Note- it’s actually quite grounded in “normal” world stuff. Just bends some normal rules of how the world works but not any kind of wizards or magic or whatever. Thanks
  2. LOL. Nice. Probably still beats turkey loaf.
  3. Love this topic. I wrote my manuscript to a very small playlist of songs that inspired me and put me in the right headspace. Depending on the scene I was in I sometimes had one song on loop for an hour or two. I’ve guest taught a couple sermons before too and did the same. Comiled my notes to music (in those cases worship)
  4. Nice info all. Thanks! Like the tinfoil hat too LOl
  5. I think this makes sense and so far (rookie here so take this with multiple grains of salt) I have had the characters mostly defined in my mind (especially since mine are based on real people just fictionalized around the edges.). Then when it comes time for a cover I hope to pay someone to make that compelling and can hold my opinion of their appearance loosely for what an artist feels would grab attention. So the characters are known to me for the purposes of my writing but I am flexible on how they are presented for the purposes of marketing. Don’t know if that’s good or bad.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I see. So I should start ten total new threads? Or does commenting on other’s threads count as a post? Thanks for the advice and for the kind words!
  7. Hello, Newbie here. If you're interested in the following, I'd love to hear from you and would be very appreciative for feedback and insights. I have two readers lined up but both have personal connections and I know many of you could really help. Book's tease: A struggling man and a charming, yet hurting boy share a cosmic connection as they team up to stop the boy’s father from disappearing forever, each hoping to find wholeness and healing in the process. In their race against a powerful curse on the boy's father, all the two must do is learn to fly, love the
  8. thanks for the nice words Joshua and Lynn. Guess I should clarify I only finished a very rough draft. Lot more work to do.
  9. Hi all, My name is Eric Thompson. I live in Oregon. I've recently finished a personal project - a fiction book loosely based on my father leaving when I was young with some fantasy elements. I hired someone to do an editorial assessment and received both encouraging compliments on the work as well as constructive feedback. Now I need to continue taking further steps to bring it to life. Hoping to find some beta readers at some point but also being patient to let God's timing work itself out here. I'm new to the all of this and am here to begin my journey of meeting
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