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  1. Vessel 4 Him: Thank you for your interest in writing my screenplay idea. I want to make it clear that I am not paying you to write this, but instead give you ideas to propel you in writing your own original screenplay, that would hopefully propel your screenwriting career goals and most importantly, to give you a movie idea that would hopefully lead people closer to God, once your future screenplay is watched by viewers on the big screen. I am giving you for free a movie synopsis that you can change and use as you please. I am giving you full ownership of my idea, so it is yours, y
  2. I have a real good movie idea but I don’t know how to write a screenplay. Is there any screenwriters out there looking for a good movie idea for them to write their own screenplay? Below is the moral truths and premise of my movie idea. The genre is a faith-based, child abuse, mental illness overcoming story. If anyone after reading the following, is interested, in writing this screenplay as he or she pleases, message me and I will then send you a synopsis of this movie idea. This is a movie idea that you can make changes as desired. Moral Truth #1: “Those who doubt are
  3. Have a movie idea but no screenwriting experience. Looking to give a faith-based mental illness movie idea for a screenwriter to write as he or she chooses. Not a paid job offer. Just giving ideas to a screenwriter. If interested in reading synopsis, please message me.
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