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  1. Interesting take! Of course i never mean to say that cliches are bad. What I mean is that every main character needs an internal struggle, but that I would like to see some new, fresh struggles. Getting over an ex, overcoming addiction, learning to understand your older relatives, these are all ideas i have yet to see a character deal with, at least in fantasy. On the other hand, I’ve seen “believe in yourself” more times than I can count. And in execution, sometimes it can be as simple as changing up your dungeon party to include your twin sister.
  2. You could call them Fragments? Of a whole? Idk you’re right, it is a trope
  3. This statement is true, but layered. Yes, characters should feel relatable, and that requires a certain level of emptiness. Thats true of any genre. But “relatable” can take different forms. I think everyone’s a bit tired of the “good kid who just wants an adventure to prove himself.” Let me guess, he also needs to overcome his insecurity and get the girl? These ideas aren’t bad, but they are cliches that are difficult to get your readers past. Try some new types of characters with new types of internal struggles. What about a fantasy protagonist who’s selfish and arrogant rather than humble and aspiring? That alone makes your story somewhat unique. Some of my fantasy story concepts involve characters with arcs of overcoming stubborn skepticism, or learning to support their friends, or even confronting their own depression regarding the tragic state of their world. (That last one is VERY relatable to me.) Or one of my personal favorites that I’m working on now: the main protagonist who is ALREADY a hero, but comes to realize that she’s helping others to gain recognition and respect rather than out of selfless ideals. Have you ever read anything like that? (You might have. I mostly just watch movies. btw don’t steal that idea.) So please, characterize your characters any way you want, but even if you’re addressing an old theme, try to do it in a new way.
  4. I love how Star Wars drops you right into the universe. Even if the title crawl wasn’t a thing, you could probably figure out what was going on pretty quickly. The universe feels real, because you learn about it slowly, the same way you learn about the real world. Using a character who is unfamiliar with the magic system or lore is a great way to do this. I also love how Star Wars will reference its universe without explaining what the snide element is. (“We’ll be sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel!”) You don’t need to know what it is, but the fact that it exists makes the world feel more real. It’s such a simple and awesome trick, and feel free to go crazy with the names. In contrast, the first scene of Fellowship of the Ring feels very drawn out and boring to me. I dont care about lore until i care about the relatable characters within that lore and history. To me, characters will always be more important than the universe, so start by introducing them.
  5. https://m.webtoons.com/en/challenge/deforming/list?title_no=487922 Here’s a fixed link
  6. I’m Landon, and I am in college but not of college. I’m a homeschooler, so all college dudes seem immature by comparison. I’ve loved to write and draw comics my entire life. Writing is my strong suit, but I love the visual aspect that comics provide. I’m a cartoon connosuir and a Star Wars pacifist. I hate swearing with a burning passion because it makes no logical sense. (Part of why I’m here.) If you need recommendations for cartoons that are fun without being juvenile, I would love to give you a list. I’m really big on character development and emotion, but also comedy. I have a comic called Deforming on Webtoon, and it’s full of magic and emotions. I have huge plans for it, and the ending is gonna be a big payoff. Now I just need help building hype! Can’t wait for you to see it! https://m.webtoons.com/en/challenge/deforming/list?title_no=487922
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