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  1. New post today. 



  2. No, this was during King George II, before the war.
  3. I appreciate all the warm welcomes! My novel is set in the Georgian era. @kiwigummy
  4. I'm learning my way around the site still, and was directed here to the meet and greet. It's great to be here, and I'm looking forward to meeting y'all, and hopefully finding some like minded friends. I'm as yet an unpublished author, but hoping to rectify that little problem soon. I write Christian Historical/Romance novels, and I dabble in poetry and short stories of various genres. Also, I'm a blogger and am working on building my platform, although recent events put a wrench in that particular endeavor. But, I am rebuilding and following my great-grandma's advice of, "Keep on Keepin' On."
  5. Creative by Design-Blog by Sandy Kay Slawson This is the third post in my Beatitudes Poem Series. Today, I share a poem inspired by Matthew 5:5, "Meekness is more" by Sandy Kay Slawson (me). I hope you'll come see my free style...style and maybe be blessed, before you leave. -Sandy
  6. I'm an unpublished author, but as a means of building a platform I started a blog almost three years ago. It has been a learning experience for sure. Have I created a huge following? No, but I do have a small following and if nothing else, it gives me a place to show potential publishers my marketing efforts. Interest did increase, when I began posting some of my writing; poems and short stories. Recently, I left my other social media platforms and started over on new platforms, because of personal convictions, but because I have my blog and email list from it, I am able to still communicate w
  7. Welcome to my official website. As a Christian Writer, it's my goal to honor and glorify our Creator, the Lord Jesus, by using the gift of creativity He's given me. Also, I want to encourage and celebrate the creativity He's given others. I love to read, write and as a Homemaker/Writer, I love finding new ways to balance all of the important things in life I'm responsible for. I want to be real, whether I'm writing a blog post, newsletter or just sharing a favorite author with you. I hope to share my journey with you, highs, lows and in betweens. Maybe some of the things, I learn along the way, will help you, too.
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